How To Find The Perfect Wedding Theme For You


A wedding theme is usually a reflection on the bride and groom’s tastes, it representssomething of great importance to them whether it’s related to their jobs, their favourite book or just a colour. This is why it’s important you choose the perfect wedding theme for you, and here’s how.

1. What do you and your partner consider special to you both?

A theme should be a joint effort, or if you have differing tastes, combining two isn’t an issue. She might be an avid Harry Potter fan and he might love vintage cars – both easy themes to subtly incorporate into a big day and that symbolise your love for something other than each other.

2. Will your engagement influence the theme?

Wedding themes can be influenced by something as small as the engagement ring picked up from 77Diamonds or where the question was popped. A Paris engagement could create a Parisian themed wedding, with Eiffel tower decorations on the tables, pastel-coloured macaroons as favours and red white and blue colours throughout. Think about how your engagement ties in with the big day and perhaps use it as a theme.

3. Do you want to be loud or subtle?

Themes don’t need to be in your face; subtle additions to your big day can create a theme that people will notice but they don’t necessarily run your day.

Let’s say you both have a huge love for Marvel comics, superhero cufflinks for the groom and groomsmen are easy to incorporate, while the table decorations could feature the colour schemes of your favourite superheroes or even just have tables named after them. You and your partner of course get the table with your favourite superhero name.

4. Don’t base your choice on Pinterest

While Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration, it should be used just for that. Don’t decide upon a theme that you saw executed perfectly on the pinning site, it won’t be as cheap nor as simple as it looks to carry off. We’ve all seen those Pinterest fail posts, don’t let your day turn into one of them because you wanted to copy a theme you found on Pinterest.

5. Do something different

Vintage, rustic, pastel are pretty but have all been done to death so why not make your theme something a little different? Of course, don’t choose something just to create an unusual wedding theme, or you could end up regretting it years later and not really enjoying yourself on the day. But if you’re passionate about something don’t hold back, feature it in your big day and try to avoid the usual cliché themes.

6. Think about the season

Whatever time of year you decide to have your wedding, it will have a big impact on your theme. A winter wedding isn’t going to feature summer florals while a summer wedding won’t include any fur capes or ice décor. The season you say ‘I do’ in is important to your theme, whether you’re planning a fun but tasteful Halloween wedding or creating your very own beach paradise in July.

Choose a theme that you and your partner feel passionate about and have fun with it!