Five Fun & Festive Winter Wedding Themes

Are you thinking about planning a winter wedding? From the snow covered streets to the hint of festivity and magic in the air, it may not be the most popular time to get married, but we like to think it’s the most romantic season to say your I do’s. What’s also great is the extra themes, styles and decor pieces you can choose from that you can’t touch throughout the rest of the year. So, let’s take a peek at 5 fun and festive themes that will get your winter wedding planning off to a great start. 

Princess Winter Wedding Themesvia


As we said earlier, there’s something quite magical about a winter wedding. The snowflakes in the air, the creams and golden glitter, it’s all quite royal and, well, princess-like. So, what better time to have that quintessentially bridal moment, dressed in a princess gown and feeling like the princess you’ve always dreamed of, than during a cold, dark night in the midst of a “winter wonderland” inspired reception? From blue-hued lighting to icy details, this is a theme you can have a lot of fun and get creative with.

All White Winter Wedding Themevia


Of course, an obvious theme for a wintertime celebration is to go with the “all white” style. From the floor to the ceiling, you’ll choose various shades or just one bright white color to create the night. Reminiscent of the snow-covered mountaintops or flakes falling on Christmas morning, it’s such a romantic and beautiful way to theme your wedding. You can play with certain styles, from modern or feminine, but the overall monochromatic mood will, no doubt, stand out from the crowd.


Christmas Holiday Winter Wedding Themevia


Of course this too may be an obvious choice but it’s also a great one since you can only use it during this time of the year! Christmas-themed weddings are festive, magical and so much fun for all of your guests. So, if you’re saying your I do’s close to December 25th why not design your big day around the bold spirit of the holiday? Rich, cranberry reds, crisp whites and cozy greens can all come together to create a holiday celebration with a lot of love and fashion-forward energy.

Rustic Winter Wedding Themevia


Rustic, country-flavored weddings don’t have to be meant for outdoor weddings only. Instead, think about how cozy a cabin is in the wintertime, with its fireplace and candlelight, you can easily recreate that same warm and welcoming feeling for your wintertime, evening wedding. Think organic, natural details and soft, amber lights. Your guests will feel right at home and it’ll be such a romantic way to celebrate your vows.

Frosted Winter Wedding Themevia


Just like with an all-white wedding, you can go with a similar theme by following the sparkle and shine route. Throughout the holidays, we see a lot of glitter or “frosting,” and we like to think that the first snow of the season has that same hint of sparkle. Powder blues, silvers, golds, blushing pinks, pastel purples and more, go with the tones that are subdued, romantic and you can add a bout of shine to.