Fairytale wedding theme 2

If you really want a fairytale wedding you can renounce to decorations that are most likely to be found in weddings like helium balloons or chair covers made of satin and the wedding favors in cardboard boxes. Apply for chromatic combinations really strong made in dark red, brown, beige, white and black to those made of pastel colors, which are really popular and they don’t have a certain message to transmit.

The embroidered insertions, flower motifs type oriental, chandeliers and flower arrangement placed in candles are much suitable to a wedding that follows the theme of fairytales with princes and princesses.

Like flower arrangements, which are really daring you can choose for cute combinations from the point of view of the colors used and play with volumes and contrasts- bright colored flowers, complementary, use branches or small tree trunks with fruits. Roses, orchids, callas, ranunculus, dahlias and peonies are going to be perfectly adapted to a décor that follows the classical sober and the playful aspect of fairytales.
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If you want a wedding that has at the basis the idea of game you can take into consideration applying for the Disney world and fairytales with fairies from the magic forest. The décor is really easy to apply for and you have a great range of elements from which you can choose from.

You can insert small details that express the idea of games when it comes to flower arrangements: colored mushrooms, lanterns that have the shape of a castle, bells that can switch clearly with the classical balloons and ceramic figurines in shape of butterflies, fairies and cartoon characters. Surely the children who are going to participate at this event will appreciate pretty much this idea and they’re going to feel like a part of this story. You can even suggest them to participate at a small masquerade, inspired by their favorite stories.

The table décor needs to take into account the other elements used. If you apply for garlands that recall playing games, lanterns and decorations for the dance floor, try to create equilibrium through a simple arrangement used on the chairs and on the tables. This doesn’t mean that you have to get limited to the classical satin covers. Apply for maximum two colors that you blend with the other salon decorations.

Make sure you keep a lively chromatic contrast so that a pastel arrangement for tables doesn’t match with the elements in bright colors from the decorations chosen. You can apply for combinations of white grey or with blue, purple or green or tones of beige that are in contrast with burgundy red, dark red, violet or orange.