What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

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Roaring log fires, Christmas trees and a dusting of snow – who wouldn’t be excited for a winter wedding? More and more couples are choosing to hold their nuptials during the winter months so now’s the time to perfect your winter wedding guest style. Here are some tips to help you up your style credentials and be ready before that invitation even hits the doormat.

Channel the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate’s winter style is always impeccable, so take note and channel it into your own outfit. One surefire way to do this is a formal or dress coat, like this one from Jane Norman. You’ll instantly look totally put-together and polished, and it’s a great transitional piece to help you go from ceremony to reception. It’ll hide a party dress until you’re ready to whip it off – but make sure the dress is either the same or a coordinating colour as your coat to keep the look chic!


Layer, Layer, Layer

Weddings are long affairs, and even though you might not notice all the waiting around in the summer – you will in the winter. You will end up standing in the cold, be it waiting for the newlyweds to come out of the church so you can throw confetti or whilst being asked to pose for a boatload of photos. Turn this into a style opportunity; layer up with velvety tights and a soft snuggly cardigan. This one is a great call as it’s got a sumptuous faux fur collar so no need for fumbling with a scarf – plus it’s thin enough that you can layer a coat on top. You can always take them off later once you’re inside but trust me – you’ll look much better in the pics if you’re not shivering! It’s worth taking a slightly bigger handbag, like this satchel, so you’ll have room for all your wintery accessories, plus a cheeky dram of your favorite spirit or liqueur. There’s nothing like a bit of sloe gin or cherry brandy to warm the cockles. Keep it in a beautifully crafted hip flask from Aspinal and share it amongst your fellow guests.

winter bag

Colour Conundrum

In spring and summer you know to head straight for the pretty prints and pastels when you receive a wedding invitation, but it’s a little trickier in winter. If you want to play it ultra safe, there are a lot of older or more traditional people at the wedding, or if you know the bride is generally superstitious then avoid black completely – it could be seen as bad luck, or your showing your disapproval of the wedding. However, if it’s a wedding with a younger vibe or an evening wedding a black dress can certainly be acceptable – match it with bright accessories and a coordinating statement lip to keep it wedding-y. Bright jewel tones are also a fantastic choice, especially as we march nearer to Christmas itself. If you go for a standout dress, keep accessories to a minimum and go for plain pumps – you don’t want to overdo it.