These Classic Wedding Venues are Worth Taking Inspiration From

A Different Way to Say “I Do”

When you think of getting married, the first question is “Where?” If you were golfing buddies, does a golf course come to mind? Is baseball your passion? How about a museum? You’ve checked into the costs of renting the castle or transporting everyone to a tropical beach and the costs are beyond your means. Your heart is set on being married in the same place that you met. Any venue can be transformed into a replica of that place. What you need is imagination and a hot glue gun.

You can begin the wedding with a baseball themed wedding invitation. Instead of those 4 inch heels and leather shoes, you and your wedding party can wear cleats. That ring, that one that gets lost, can be placed inside of a hollowed out baseball. The usher can’t lose the baseball too easily. Food is the easy part of this wedding; hot dogs, peanuts, fries all in appetizer sized bites. Decorations of your favorite team can be displayed wherever you have your reception. Don’t forget to play “Sweet Caroline” as the seventh inning stretch! Ask your town if you are allowed to rent the baseball field for the reception and rent tents to keep the guest cool and dry.

The waves pounding against the seashore seems romantic. Transporting your bridal party to an exotic beach sounds expensive. Besides, who wants company on their honeymoon? Get marquees for hire to make your own beach party wedding and leave the guest behind on the honeymoon. Locate your favorite beach spot and check with the owners, the city, state or private property to get all necessary permits. Make the bouquets out of bivalve blooms or silk flowers in the shape of shells. You can easily construct an arch and decorate it with lei from garlands or grass skirts. Think Hawaii and centerpieces can be little terrariums from glass vases, sand (from the beach) and tiny seashells. If you are looking for a gift from the couple, a rolled up beach bag just might be the thing. For overnight guests, a bag filled with sunscreen, powder, a hand fan and a beach towel will put the guests in the right mood. Party supplies, like coral pieces can be used for table centerpieces and little umbrellas will spice up the atmosphere.

Include with the invitation, a list of items that the guests should bring. Also, you might have to change the attire that they wear. No one wants to wear high heels to a beach or a cocktail dress to a beach.

Is hiking your passion? The most important thing to consider is a way for your guests to reach the altar. Elderly people or those with handicaps might need a scooter or you could rent a golf cart. Along the trek up the hill, place pictures of other mountaintops that you wish to climb. If the reception is being held outdoors, place some tents and space heaters around the area along with tables and chairs. Remind guests to dress warmly as the top can be very cold. Another idea is to place trail markers along the hike with a year and an important event. Bouquets can be simple mountain flowers that grow in the spring.

No matter where you get married, you should make it personal. If you are a crafter, add a touch of yourself as a reminder why you invited these guests. Rooftop gardens, barns or your own backyard, you can have a wedding almost anywhere. It doesn’t have to be expensive to say the words, “I Do.”