Wedding musical themes

Wedding musical themes…. There are many couples that apply for these, because they’re in search of something special- we’re certain that you didn’t encounter in many weddings such details and this is why we thought it would be a really nice idea to share these with you.

Wedding musical themes

So, accordingly to the musical style that you’ve chosen you can offer the guests musical instruments in miniature or musical boxes under shapes that can be placed pretty nice in the colors chosen for adorning the salon. You can order small boxes that play the song that you’ve chosen for the couple’s waltz.
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For giving a certain musical style you can insert in the chosen wedding favors some characteristic symbols of the period or the representative area: for example, in case of latino music you can offer the guests a pair of castanets.

Wedding musical themes 2

As representative as the other details that we’ve mentioned up to this moment can be wedding favors in shape of an album of the favorite band or a CD with the best songs in the musical style chosen….

For placing the flower arrangements in the musical décor of the wedding you can apply with confidence to special accessories, like those handmade or with bows placed on scores and musical notes.

You can place the flowers in thematic vases that are original and which create a pleasant décor like the interior side of a trumpet, in a drum; you can accessorize with a piano in small and coquet bouquets or you can switch the cords of a harp with necklaces of pearls and garlands.

Wedding musical themes 3

Accordingly to the musical style you’ve chosen you have multiple options of accessorizing and chromatic. The latino weddings suggest lively colors and exotic flowers; a wedding in rock’n’roll style is great with spherical decors in contrasting tones under the shape of dots, accessorize with colored ribbons. Hippie weddings are great with rustic decors, eco and colored ones….

The pieces of décor of the musical wedding theme can start from discrete ones to others that can offer the general theme of music or that send us with the thought of classical operas. There are some particularized ones that can be detected for sure in a musical genre.

Wedding musical themes 4

So, for a wedding that takes the disco theme, for example, a representative element of décor is the disco ball. For the hippie weddings or rock’n’roll ones you can adorn the tables with vinyl disks for supports for the plates. You can hang from the ceiling CDs with ribbons or laces that are going to reflect the light and it’s going to bring you immediately with the idea of music. The musical instruments placed on the tables or next to the dance floor are going to make complete the musical frame.