Ornaments and arrangements with spring theme 2

We continue the topic regarding the arrangements and ornaments that have as basic inspiration the spring season. This wedding should be done in this period in order to be in perfect coordination with all the details.

We start with some floral arrangements and some table cards, which are great looking. For the vase you have a transparent cylindrical vase made from glass and which is filled with multi colored flowers, all types! Make sure that the flowers are from different species…. The table card can also have some spring details on it, in order to recall the beautiful moments of spring and your wedding most of all…. Place the floral arrangement in the center of the table.

ornaments and arrangements with spring theme 2

And make sure that the table cover has some colors encountered in the bouquet on the table. Regarding the chairs, we recommend you to place a transparent sheet of lace on the back of the chair and that’s it!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Is the table in the salon long? Well it’s perfect! You may have a recollection of vases in which you place red and orange flowers together with leaves in there…. Make sure you create a line of these wonderful vases filled with flowers! The chromatic effect created is magnificent, believe us….

We try to continue this topic with a testimony, really nice looking! This object will remain as a gift for your guests. We recommend a metallic watering object, which has a ribbon placed in the middle side and on the margin it can have also a flower applied! Make sure you have a cardboard next to this object and place your good thoughts there. Remember! This object will be maintained by your guests for years and years and they will always remember you. This is the perfect object that refers to the spring season, don’t you think so?!

ornaments and arrangements with spring theme 22

You may have some flower baskets with tulips placed in the centre of the table! Place as many tulip buds as you can in the basket. On the margin of the basket you may have some grass threads…. Don’t place only one such basket on the table: put several…. Next to these, you can have some plastic bowls with sweets and candy also in powerful and vivid colors. Let’s mention that the table cover is in a similar color with the tulips placed in the basket.

ornaments and arrangements with spring theme 23

We promise to continue this marvelous topic, because there are so many subjects and details left, that you just can’t imagine! The ideas flow and we’re happy to receive feed-back from you.