Green wedding 2

We’re going to stop over the green weddings as well and it’s nice to take into account all the details involving such a type of ceremony. We hope that the pieces of advice indicated previously seemed enough to you and that you’re going to apply for them in case you’re really intending to organize such a wedding.

So, the eco wedding invitations are important as well. The wedding invitations are those that open the wedding literally. Why not start with them? There are so many options, from using the recycled paper to using the electronic invitations via e-mail.

green wedding 2

A good solution and modern in the same time is to create a special site for your wedding, where you can receive all the confirmations of the guests and they can also find out more about your wedding and they can see the pictures from the wedding as well.
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We’re sure that some of you didn’t think of this aspect- the flowers that we use in weddings and in any other ceremonies aren’t ecological products, but there are some counter arguments as well….

The flowers that are being transported from other countries they’re brought up through the usage of a substance that stimulates fast growing and massive. These substances harm the surrounding nature.

Also, in several countries from the South-East of Asia in order to realize a bigger production there are some rights that aren’t respected, some of the workers being maltreated and paid miserably.

You can use flowers from your garden and we’re sure that you’re going to feel less guilty. Another good solution is to use dry flowers or artificial flowers made of silk. You can recycle flowers throughout the day transforming the bouquets that you’ve received in table arrangements.

green wedding 2 2

Some other ecological suggestions are: use organic chocolate, biodegradable candles which are made of bee wax or soy, use also organic food and drinks and if this can’t be possible you can apply for aliments and drinks made in a natural way.

We’re sure that you took into account all the details that we’ve been mentioning here and that you caught the idea. Also, it’s a real pity of you’re a person with the green feeling developed roughly and you don’t apply for all the things that we’ve been suggesting here.

In order to make things appropriate for your green wedding you also have to read our previous article and see there what more can you do to save the planet even in the most important day of your life! We know that you’re becoming more and more eco conscious through the days that pass….