Sunflower Theme For Your Wedding 3

If you do love the idea of having a sunflower wedding theme for the big day, then we totally push you to apply for it due to various reasons. Such a wedding theme is ideal for transmitting only positive vibes and good feelings. The tones engaged in such a wedding seem ideal for being used in a ceremony and the final visual effect is stunning.

Having plenty of ideas from where to choose from is the best way of organizing a wedding. As long as you have where to choose from, this means that you will not lack ideas ever!

The bridal bouquet can be made of sunflowers and the wedding bouquets worn by the bridesmaids as well. Also, a great idea for bridesmaid dresses is for them to start from the colors of the sunflowers. There can be bridesmaid dresses made in tones of yellow or even orange and the same case stays for the flower girl dress – in case her dress is designed exactly like those of the bridesmaids.

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Sunflower wedding theme

Also, if the bridesmaids wear a bridesmaid dress that is designed accordingly to the tones of sunflowers, do they have still the possibility of adopting a wedding bouquet? Wouldn’t this be too much? Well, it should be considered in this way, because you know the saying “less is better”. So, in the case the bridesmaids have taken into account a dress that is designed accordingly to the colors of the sunflowers, and then it would be ideal for them to wear instead of wedding bouquets, a purse!

Now, the bridesmaids should not exaggerate with this theme of sunflower and the wedding shoes that they apply for; they can be designed in tones like white or even black, because orange will always suit monochromes. To make the imagery complete, in the hair they can apply for a sunflower!

So, the sunflower theme for a wedding does not involve only flower arrangements made of this type of flowers or wedding cakes adorned with some buds. The clothing part can also be affected by this type of theme and only if you are courageous enough, you can adopt such details.
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The last thing that we want to mention about is the flower cockade! In this case, you can ask the groom to wear a sunflower in his chest. How does this sound?