Green wedding

When we hear about green weddings, most of us think of some hippie people that have some fun in the forest or any other specific spots. In our days, there’s the possibility of having a stylish wedding without leaving traces on the surroundings.

Let’s take into account some of the aspects that concern a green wedding and let’s see exactly what you can really apply for in order to finish with a gorgeous ceremony.

Gold extractions are the dirtiest in this world and also they have a bad influence over the surrounding nature. In order to make a gold wedding ring there are 20 tones of recycled materials involved. How about that?

green wedding

Add to this problem the matter of diamonds with blood on them from the South-African countries and you have sufficient reasons to be in a panic! There are some other options when it comes to a wedding.
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You can choose a pair of wedding rings that are made of silver, extractions of such type aren’t that pretentious. There’s also the variant of melting the pieces of jewelry made of gold that you already have and you can create the needed rings.

green wedding 2

Also, you can acquire some rings that are taken from the vintage shops or from an auction. Also if you really want your rings to be made accordingly to your preferences there’s also the option that involves the usage of some other precious stones, which aren’t damaging the surrounding nature. If you want something truly unique then you can apply for rings made of wood.

One of the most difficult decisions that the bride takes is choosing her wedding gown. More and more designers feel tempted to make green dresses for green weddings and so, you won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to finding your appropriate dress.

green wedding 3

We think that the simplest solution that we can find for you is choosing a vintage wedding dress. Also, there’s the option of renting such dresses and accessories from different companies and we’re sure that with a single click you’re going to end up with a good solution.

If you want a new dress and you can’t stand the idea of wearing something rented, then you can apply for a wedding dress made of ecological fabric like organic cotton, wool or silk.

After the wedding ends you can donate your dress to a charity organization in order to continue with your green ideas. There are a lot of organizations that sell second hand dresses and use the money for the benefit of others. Also, the bridesmaids can also donate their dresses.

This is indeed a good solution in case you’re a person that feels like protecting the surrounding nature even in his or her wedding day.