Wedding with marine theme

Some people like the sea that much that they feel simply inspired by it into creating all the details of their wedding. So here we start a topic regarding the wedding with marine theme. Here you have all the hints regarding this kind of wedding….

wedding with marine theme-main

When one images such a wedding its thoughts go towards the sea area. So who wouldn’t like to have a wedding on the beach? Just imagine: the fine sand, the blue sea, the marvelous sun and a slight breeze! It seems like the perfect landscape for a wedding to take place.
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If you decide to organize your wedding ceremony on the beach we recommend you some accessories that look kind of interesting: some sticks tied together as to create a cylindrical vase and in it you should place marvelous flowers, colored and of all types! You can blend pink callas with green plants and small buds of flowers. The image created is absolutely wonderful and you may have numerous such ornaments on the beach where the festivity is going to be….

wedding with marine theme

O.k we continue with your token of appreciation, meaning the testimonies that can be placed on the table. For these accessories we recommend some small palm trees, miniatures made of ceramic material. These ornaments can have a shell or a clam beside them in order to confer the air needed. The miniatures can be placed in a transparent box in order for the guest to see what is expecting him on the table and on one side of the container you can add a small cardboard with the “Thank you!” message….

wedding with marine theme2

We continue with other models of miniatures that may be placed in the place of testimonies. You can have small and sweet sea stars, which can be placed in petite and pretty colored cardboard boxes. These details look like gifts and you can be certain that your guest will be enchanted to see such a detail on the table! The motif of the star can be encountered on the exterior cover of the box with a shiny color. And to complete this image, we recommend you to put some ribbons on the boxes and tie some bows also in order to create the perfect image.

The final example regards miniature ships. What can be more representative for the sea? A shiny and silvery ship made of metallic material or even plastic! These miniatures serve as testimonies and you can be sure that you’ll be successful with using them! Make sure that you place a clam or a sea star next to this petite ornament in order to make the landscape complete!

wedding with marine theme3

The examples regarding the wedding with marine theme are just starting and you should be prepared for more and more examples. Remember our piece of advice: take only what you like and blend it with a touch of your personality.