Orange and white wedding

Do you want an elegant wedding and really smooth looking in the same time. Then we totally recommend you the combination of white and orange. A wedding that is going to be created around the two discrete tones is going to be surely one really appreciated between the guests.

Even if it’s a chromatic theme that is appropriate for every season, we think that the most indicated season for a white and orange combination would definitely be spring.

orange and white wedding

This is because you have a large palette of delicate flowers in orange tones, but it’s also due to the extraordinary impact that these colors have in opposition with the green in the nature.
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Use white in the general décor and create small points of interest with orange insertions. Being a spring wedding you can create the impression of fluidity and movement with tulle transparent veils.

Use orange flower garlands that can be carried by the bridesmaids or the children assisting at the wedding. In this manner you can apply for orange taste for the wedding cake.

Probably it seems really difficult to create a wedding décor only made of orange flowers, but you can recreate everything using tulips and roses in the tones wanted.

The wedding favors in your wedding can be covered with gift boxes that have orange bows. The impact is going to be a maximum one and your guests are going to be impressed in what concerns the arrangement.

orange and white wedding 2

Don’t forget about the orange décor for your wedding cake- it can be realized with natural flowers or even made of sugar.

It’s difficult to convince your partner to wear orange, isn’t that right? Use our trick- opt for an orange interior of clothes and some insertions on the hands and on the revere as well.

With a white décor it’s going to seem easy to find little details which are orange and that offer a particular charm to the salon in which the reception is going to take place. Our favorites are the decorated house birds which seems extremely elegant and refined.

So, we hope that all these indications were useful into creating the right wedding for you. In the future articles you’re going to read about some gorgeous details that are going to serve as well when it comes to planning the wedding and realizing an unforgettable event- from the ceremony in itself to the wedding reception and so on….

We’re sure that you’re looking forward for some other details to take into account and in the future time please make sure to share some ideas because we’re expecting for some feedback indeed.