Beach wedding themes

What seems to make you recall the most when it comes to beach wedding themes? Well, we’re sincerely thinking of colors, heat, freshness and happiness. What makes you happy? A warm toned color, like red or a green tone will certainly induce a revealing feeling, we’re sure about that….
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Why not share with you some of our ideas that concern beach wedding themes now that we’re so close to that warm season and you can make such a wedding!

Well, let’s start first of all with colors, shall we? We were thinking that in a beach theme wedding you’re certainly going to love applying for a multicolored bridal bouquet and the flower arrangements and pieces of décor are certainly going to be made of such colors…. We think this detail will turn out to be pretty useful and the same thing, that idea of color, can be placed at the level of your bridal accessories and bridal jewelry. The wedding dress can contain itself multicolored embroidery and we find this a great thing.

As for the color of the evening gown that you decide to switch at some level with the wedding dress: it also can be made in multiple colors and the flower girls can apply for different colored dresses.

The other element in which you could infer colors is the wedding cake: we were thinking of a multiple layered wedding cake, which can be made with flower applications, flowers that are made of sweet ingredients, from the upper layer to the one in the lower side.

The most common that recalls one of a beach wedding theme is definitely blue, but a light blue. This blue tone can be applied in multiple fields of a wedding ceremony. In order to be more explicit, we would like to make some recommendations on where you can infer the blue tone in your wedding day. You can certainly place it in the groom’s bow, which can be made of the finest fabric ever!

The bridesmaid can also wear a tea length dress made of shiny fabric and of course in blue tone.

The table cards can have marine theme and you can observe how great does bleu blend with white!

The other detail that we need to mention about is related to the white wedding cake, which can be made with blue applications here and there and you can observe these blue applications that are made in elements from the sea.

The table cover can also be made in blue tone and you can add a sea detail as well, like a sea star or something similar! Candles can be really important in a beach wedding theme, use them in the appropriate colors as well.