Love is in the air wedding theme

Probably you`re thinking how does the perfect wedding look. Uh, oh it`s not hard at all! With a medium budget and great imagination you can create the best wedding seen on the face of this planet. Ok, maybe there`s an exaggeration, but certainly everybody wants it to be perfect. So, here are some details that may inspire you and these certainly bring you to the idea of “love is in the air” and the perfection of every detail….


What element can inspire extreme love more than the wedding invitation? If you order yourself invitations that have on the cover the saying “love is in the air”, those receiving it will certainly be glad and inspired in the same time! A butterfly flows also in the air so it looks good applied to the invitation cover…another idea can be a balloon and many hearts, these certainly express the idea mentioned above!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
As wedding testimonies you can use some colorful ballons with baskets in the down side in which you may place some bonbons or sweets! Make sure these elements are powerful colored, because they`ll catch everybody`s eye! A cartoon card is also great; it looks greater with some clowds! What can be more signifying than clouds?


An airplane with miniature newly wedds looks also great, it can be made out of porcelain or ceramic material! The guests will keep in mind your wedding if you have such petite and nicely colored testimonies!

Flowers… everybody loves flowers, pick your favorite genre of flowers, place them in baskets or vases, make an arcade of flowers with leaves and make sure it looks fresh and full of life! The basic color must be white and beginning from it, start appyling other decorations!

Certainly everybody will notice that love is in the air, when they see floral arrangements in heart shapes! Red is also great in applying to floral arrangements and pink too, use different variations of roses and mix them with nice looking plants. After that, place these arrangements somewhere above!


You can decorate the salon with many balloons that simply look flowing, but there are also other suggestions if this one isn`t on your taste! Instead of placing balloons all around the place, you can put nice looking balloons like in a bouquet next to a floral arrangement in the center of the tables! To give a colorful touch to your wedding, you can also apply for balloons on the ceiling in different colors, just make sure they stay in that place and these aren’t spread on the floor also, because a mess can be created!

When it comes to the menu, you can apply for a Swedish buffet consisting of tasty fruits and chocolate! Take those fruits and place them in chocolate! Certainly will taste good!


The cake can also have as basic the expression “love is in the air” and you can place this fragment on your wedding sweet, or, you can apply for clouds or planes that carry the name of you two!