White and purple wedding 2

White and purple weddings look really interesting and we’re sure that you’re thinking of applying for one of the examples that we’ve just mentioned in the previous article. There’s no problem, because we’ve got some other examples left for you and we’re sure that you’re going to like at least on of the things exposed here.

So, we start with suggesting you a simple idea: a lot of white with some purple here and there. So how about that? It sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? The pieces of furniture are more likely to be in white and all the stuff around there can be in the same tone. The only thing that can be purple is a flower arrangement that is placed in the middle of the table and it’s made in a very similar manner with the flower arrangements and pieces of décor that we’ve mentioned in our previous articles.

white and purple wedding 1_1

Here’s how we continue with our suggestions of pieces of décor and we offer you some other examples that definitely need to be taken into account. This time we’re speaking about some cylindrical pieces of glass that have at their end a glass bowl which contains purple flower buds. This is a neat combination and next to these you can apply for adding a glass bowl with glass marbles in it and some purple flower buds as well.

white and purple wedding 1_2

If you have a piano in your wedding ceremony then it means that you’re going to like the things that we’re suggesting here: place as many purple flower buds as you possibly can on the superior side of your piano and this will definitely create a nice visual effect. How about that? Does it sound pretty interesting to you? Well, it should and you’re definitely going to end up with a really interesting looking wedding ceremony.

white and purple wedding 1_3

If you apply for big chairs and really comfortable in the same time for the big day or even for sofas in white then it means that you’re going to like pretty much what we have here for you: it’s a big transparent glass bowl that has in its interior glass marbles and let’s not forget about purple flower buds and this is quite a nice combination of details in the same time. Place these containers and arrangements between the sofas and the visual effect is definitely interesting. So much white and so little purple! Indeed, it’s a nice mixture and you can be sure that you’re going to end up with a really elegant wedding.

white and purple wedding 1_4