Accessories with musical theme

The accessories in your wedding day are going to personalize your outfit, placing a special look, accordingly to the style which you want to apply for. No matter if you tend towards a style or another, no matter if you have an inclination towards a musical style especially or you choose a musical theme, the smallest details are going to be emphasizes, conferring originality to your wedding day. You know pretty well that the precious things are the tiniest ones.

Before mentioning all the details you need to know we have to advise you that you have to decide on a particular musical style: rock, punk, hippie, jazz, R&B, country, tribal, Greek, latino or classic.

accessories with musical theme

Of course, there are many others, but you can take as reference these ones. Here are some options for choosing the accessories accordingly to each style.

The rock style….

It’s a really popular style, which is going to be encountered through symbols and specific colors: roses with spikes, earrings, rebel hair, black and metallic details.
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In this case a specific wedding dress, short and ruffled is going to be really appropriate for every accessory of this genre. In the same time, nails and black pieces of jewelry thinking at the rock style. A temporary tattoo isn’t a bad pick at all.

accessories with musical theme 2

The punk style!

This is going to be a softer option of the rock style. This style has opening towards lighter colors, like turquoise, neon yellow. Also, the colored nails next to earrings or shoes are going to seem really appropriate.

The glitter is also an essential element. A contrasting ribbon which emphasizes the waistline and a pair of sunglasses with pink frames are going to emphasize you.

The hippie style….

This style involves the flower – power outfit, dreamy and bohemian. The threads that are knitted with colored ribbons, lots of bracelets and eventually made of wood, the long earrings, the flowers in the hair or the necklaces with flower motifs are certainly appropriate to this musical genre. The right colors? All colors are right got this style.

accessories with musical theme 3

The R&B style….

As the name of this genre tells it, this particular musical style is a blending of rhythm and blues. So, if you apply for choosing big earrings and round, you’re going to opt for an oversized pendant, but with a fine chain. If you choose afro hairstyle, you can have a pair of high heels with really thin heels. The stones, especially the crystals and the diamonds and their glitter define the R&B style.

The jazz style!

Generally, jazz brings you to the idea of vintage. So, pearls, furs, satin gloves and a broche with diamond necklaces. You don’t have to have these original elements, because they’re pretty expensive, but it doesn’t mean that you can observe the fact that they’re not authentic.