3 different styles for a spring wedding theme

The wedding theme that one picks for the big day is really important when it comes to organizing and planning the entire wedding. Starting from this tiny detail you begin picking all the elements for the bridal day: the wedding flower arrangements, the wedding cake, the pieces of décor, the colors for the wedding venues and even the style of the bridal gown. So, as you can well observe, these are elements that are coordinated accordingly to the main theme of the bridal day.
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If you don’t have any idea of a wedding theme, then you can guide yourself accordingly to the season in which the wedding takes part. Now, we will stop only on the spring wedding theme, due to the fact that it’s the period of the year in which we encounter ourselves.

Not only are we going to suggest different details for this particular wedding theme, but in the same time, we assure you that all tastes and preferences will be pleased.

The contemporary style

In our modern days, all seems to be coordinated to colors, so we will try to focus only on a particular group of tones. For instance we were thinking of combining orange with green and maintain the modern look for the entire ceremony.

Let’s start with the tables, shall we?

The modernity of this type of combination consists in the strong contrast that they create. So, you should do the same in the case of the pieces of décor: combine square shapes with round ones or rectangular with oval. And now we are speaking only at the level of the tables. The same stays in the case of the tableware: round plates combined with square ones. The wrappings of the tables can be green or orange and the middle side, which serves as a train, can be made in the opposite tone that we have suggested.

The same situation stands for the wedding flower arrangements: mix tall with short centerpieces and the flowers can be orange or green – you make the decision!

different styles for a spring wedding themeCredit
Different styles for a spring wedding theme

The elegant spring wedding

It seems that tones like ivory and white are meant to be used in most of the cases of the elegant weddings and the same stays in the case of spring weddings with a formal touch.

If you don’t want your wedding to be too fade, you should think of tones or patterns that create contrasts with the already mentioned tones. The napkins and table covers should be made of shiny and fine fabric and here and there you can add a touch of metallic tones like platinum or silver.

As for the wedding flower arrangements, we were thinking of warm tones of white for the flowers and apply for flowers like lilies, hyacinths or tulips. A little bit of green won’t spoil the imagery at all, so this means that you can use roses or orchids, which will make the arrangements even more interesting.

The light on the tables can be ensured by the candles that are placed in frosted glass – this means a rich glow on the tables and renouncing to the idea of winter and cold.

Different styles for a spring wedding themeCredit
Different styles for a spring wedding theme

The spring wedding with vintage touch

A spring wedding with such a touch doesn’t mean that you have to apply for all kinds of details that are taken from the cellar and unite them with spring flowers or happy colors. It means to maintain a modern touch, but in the same time have the past in mind. So, apply for a normal colored table cover and over it you can place a lace overlay that has a white tone.

As for the wedding flower arrangements, we were thinking you should take into consideration flowers like daffodils, tulips or hyacinths that grow in pots. These pots can be made of clay or terra cotta and they certainly create a marvelous visual effect – you are moved back in time.

Different styles for a spring wedding themeCredit
Different styles for a spring wedding theme

The dimensions of the plants can vary, between big and small ones and the colors can vary from pink to orange.

For extra effect you should consider adding vintage images or gardening images, which can be bought easily from antique stores. So, as you can see you have to use your imagination well enough as to create a nice visual effect for such a wedding theme.

No matter on which of these styles you decide for your spring wedding theme, the essential thing is to make sure that you confer that fresh air, a feature specific to this period of the year.