List of wedding themes

We all know that, when organizing a wedding, the first (and toughest) job is to establish a wedding theme on which you can build the entire wedding reception, décor and apparel. It is, therefore, wise and suitable for us to compose a list of wedding themes in order to help you with taking this important decision that will leave its print on the whole wedding.
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To begin with the top of the list, seasonal themed weddings will always be fashionable. It is also very easy to organize your big event when Mother Nature is willing to help you with all the needed supplies. A summer wedding will always be associated with the beach, and there is a multitude of ideas that surround it. I bet seashells, seafood and exotic fruits just crossed your mind.

list of wedding themes

A fall themed wedding can be just as generous. If an outdoors reception is what you have in mind, then fall is the season to go for one. The aspect of the surrounding nature will do a wonderful décor, and additionally, you can play with colors as much as you wish. This particular theme allows you to play around with all the combinations available on the color palette.

Another theme that is widely used is the medieval theme. I am sure that a wedding dress in this particular (otherwise unmistakable) style has just popped to your mind. Add a castle and a medieval royal feast, and the image is now complete.

One theme that is thought to fit all those of you who enjoy wondering around all corners of the Earth is the travel theme. Or, if it is hard for you to incorporate all that symbolism in the wedding, just stick to one or two elements that left an impression. For instance, the Asian culture can provide you a wide range of ideas. Also, France (and Paris, in particular) tends to have the same effect.

If you are a big fan of the 1920s you will find it fit to have your wedding around this theme. This decade of fashion and style must reflect in your wedding apparel (and in that of the guests’), therefore, if elegance is what you are after, this theme will suit you like a glove.

list of wedding themes 2

If none of the ideas above has brought any inspiration to you, we have a few more ideas that you can consider: fairytale theme, Victorian age theme, country theme, black and white theme, and last but not least, Hawaiian theme.