Warm red as wedding theme

The last color on which we want to stop and mention about is warm red which is used in this case as a theme. Well, we recommend this romantic color that will simply calm everybody, even you and you’re not going to fail if you apply for it. No more to say! Let’s mention exactly where you can use it in your wedding and in all the details used there and maybe you’re thinking of applying for this theme in your future wedding.

The wedding dress! Yes, it can be in warm tone as well and we’re sure that some of you don’t agree with using almost always the classical white for their wedding day and we recommend you to do whatever you like when it comes to being different from others. Also, in case you don’t exactly want an entire wedding dress made in red you can also use the variant with embroidered areas made in warm red tone and this is a good option as well. An evening gown in this particular color tone can be also a good option to be used in the reception. How about that? Do these options seem fair enough to you?

warm red as wedding theme

The groom can’t simply stay without a red arm detail on him, because after all it’s a wedding with warm red tone theme. So, he can apply for a red cockade, or a red tie or simply a red napkin on his chest!
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Some other things that need to be mentioned concern the flower bouquet that the bride is wearing: it’s made in a warm red tone of course and it blends dark red colors with warm toned ones and the effect is definitely gorgeous. Also, in order to create a nice chromatic image there’s the option in which you can combine with flowers with red ones and add a red ribbon. We’re sure that this sounds interesting enough!

We didn’t mention that we recommend this type of color as a theme during the fall season or in the winter period if it’s in proximity with the Christmas or the New Year. We’re certain that you agree with us.

Some other details that you definitely have to know about are the pieces of décor and the arrangements that you decide to place on the table: adopt red candles with a red table cover and there are also some other details that you can use like flowers and different other containers that look really great in the same time.

The food can be made in a warm tone as well as long as you use peppers, tomatoes or apples and the list can continue! Don’t forget to use your imagination!