Wedding with rose theme 2

Having a rose theme for your wedding isn’t a bad idea at all! In fact, it seems really interesting and neat in the same time. So how about applying it for your wedding as well; we’ve suggested some details concerning these types of weddings in the past time and we’re back with this topic and we’re presenting you some other details in which the rose can intervene.

Wedding with rose theme

First of all, you can apply for roses in your wedding bouquet, you being a bride! Think of a really nice combination of colors for this rose bouquet and you’re going to end up with some neat looking details and elements. Also, here and there in this bouquet you can add some white pearls that will definitely create a nice visual effect, also, wrap around this bouquet a nice looking ribbon and tie it with a bow. So, do all these details seem interesting enough to you?

Wedding with rose theme 2

Also, besides the rose bouquet that you can apply for in your wedding day, you could also add some rose flowers in your hair instead of a veil or something similar. So, you can add only a rose in your hair or multiple roses with great looking details next to them.
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A cockade can serve pretty nice in a wedding with rose theme. Place this cockade consisting of a rose bud on the groom’s chest and make sure in the same time that you’ve created a nice contrast between the color of the rose and the color of the suit.

Wedding with rose theme 3

You all know that flower girl don’t you? You know just how cute all these girls look! Well, we won’t talk about her or her dress or something similar to it, we’re only going to talk about the fact that she can carry in her beautiful basket a big bouquet of big roses. Around this basket she can hold nice looking ribbons and things like that that are made in similar colors as the flowers that she’s carrying in her basket. Did we convince you to apply for one of these elements? Well, we should have!

Wedding with rose theme 4

The invitation that you send your future guests can have a rose theme on it, in case you’ve already decided that your wedding should have this theme. We’re sure that you enjoy all these elements pretty much and it would be a pity for you not to apply for at least one of the suggestions indicated here!