Wedding with marine theme 2

We continue with the marine theme for the wedding and with other interesting suggestions. Last time we’ve mentioned some things regarding some ornaments and testimonies. We’re going to continue our list and description with some table cards or wedding invitations and not only…. There will be some things regarding the cake and other arrangements!

So, we start with the invitation that has as basic theme the marine motif. For this one we suggest a white cardboard invitation, really normal and with a blue marine ribbon placed on one side.

wedding with marine theme 2

This ribbon should be accompanied with a detail that resembles a fish or something connected with the sea or ocean. You can have this type of detail placed also on the tables, as cards with the names of the guests. You can also place some nice looking flowers on one corner of the invitation of cardboard….
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The next thing we’re going to talk about regards the wedding cake. If you decide on such theme for your wedding then you should give a marine touch to your cake. So we start with a three layered cake in white that has sand around each layer (made of sweet material, that is). There are some other details that can be found on this cake, details like the sea star, clams and pearls, all these elements are made of candy and look quite good on the cake. We could affirm that they look real!

wedding with marine theme 22

We continue with another nice model of cake. It’s also white and it has about 5 layers. On each layer you can find a blue part which represents water. Here on there on every layer you can find shells or pearls. We love the arrangement of this cake. It is placed on a table that is covered by a material, which resembles a net! On this “net” you can find clams, stars, shells and different elements that bring you with the idea of the marine wedding. On the top layer you can find many clams with a big star that signifies the tip of this cake most probably….

wedding with marine theme 23

We end with some examples of testimonies! You can have testimonies made of real clams or shells on which you write the names of the guests. These can serve also as “table cards” and you can be sure that you’re guests will be pleased when they see them.

If these examples don’t seem enough then we promise to return with other examples and we assure you that it will get more and more interesting! If you have some other suggestions regarding this type of wedding, with this theme you’re free to share them with us!