Rock wedding themes

If some of the couples tend to use expensive wedding gowns for showing off, there are others who consider that they can be different through the wedding theme that they use. For instance, we were thinking of a rock wedding theme! Such wedding themes seem to be more and more popular in the last period and their general features are the wedding invitations that are made exactly like concert tickets and inviting the guests at a pool party – which stands for the wedding reception.
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The bridal gown that is most common used for such a wedding is one that is designed in an extravagant manner and with colored areas, like a bright colored belt in the waist and a bridal veil, which is made of ruffled fabric, like really ruffled….

Blue can be used for showing the bride just how rick she can be, apply for a blue bridal veil or some locks of hair that are dyed in a bright way and place even a lily in one side of the head, it’s a nice idea as well!

Here are some ideas for the bride….

In her feet she can wear a pair of sneakers in no matter what color as long as it’s coped with the rest of the details on the wedding dress.

For the groom, we recommend a black suit with a blue vest and a blue elegant shirt. As for the bridal hairstyle that the groom applies for, we recommend one that is kind of rockish or punk?!

The rock wedding theme can look like a concert party. The bridal bouquet can be made of white lilies, combined with yellow and violet flowers, which are all tied up with a light blue textile ribbon.

The wedding favors can consist of badges!

As for the wedding cake you can make it of marzipan in shape of drums and on the last layer you can observe small figurines which play the drums.

The music for the rock wedding theme consists, of course of rock songs and you think of them, due to the fact that you’re the one who has chosen for it.

We recommend for the waltz the song Black Walls by The Stranglers.

What would we consider original in such a wedding theme? Well, we totally think that it would be a nice idea that the bride and groom sing a song by The Police, accompanied by the bands.

You can also infer different ideas in your wedding, like children disguised in angels and a church chorus. The place in which the wedding reception can take place: in open air, next to a forest or even in your garden.