Music theme wedding

Amaze your guests with a special décor that is only suitable for your wedding that has as main theme a musical one, incorporating as many details that is going to catch the attention and surprise in a pleasant manner those participating at it.

Apply for musical scores that your guests can take as a souvenir of your wedding. No matter if you’ve chosen an extravagant wedding in which the music has the tone of the party or you’ve chosen for fine rhythms that guarantee elegance and refinement, the decors are those that are going to offer the final touch in your wedding.

music theme wedding

Plan in due time an encounter with the wedding planner in order to establish what the decors are going to look like- the ornaments that are going to create the special atmosphere of your night. Delimit this discussion into two sections- the pieces of décor in big dimensions and the details that are going to offer your wedding a distinct note.
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In order to make the search easier, define even from the beginning the direction in which you want your wedding to go and in this manner you’re going to know exactly the details that you’re avoiding and you’re not going to feel that stressed of the multitude of choices that you have to make.

Start to make gradually the process of inverse selection passing over the big pieces, the ones in big dimensions and with an importance that isn’t that impressive.

music theme wedding 2

Only after you’ve made up your mind on the flower arrangements that you’ve chosen as centerpieces and the objects that can be used as main décor, only after this you can concentrate on secondary details type napkins, wedding favors or entertaining stuff for the guests.

The musical theme of your wedding can be approached in several angles and you can start from the main pieces that you’re going to use generating a theme( gipsy, traditional, latino) or you can start from taking a series of ideas that can be used in your wedding( an opera night, a jazz club or the rock-n-roll movement).

Choose the colors of the chair covers and table covers accordingly to the musical theme imposed and with their help you’re going to success introducing your guests in the atmosphere that you’ve wanted your wedding to be like even from the beginning.

music theme wedding 3

For example, if you’ve chosen that the theme of your wedding is the jazz current of the 30s then it means that you have to use darker tones that are going to be emphasized with light spots attentively distributed. You can incorporate table covers with model that include musical tones or pieces of staves or similar napkins.

If you haven’t found anything that can satisfy your tastes you can apply for a simple method- pick covers in white tone for the tables and place printed staves on paper or apply for a glass circle over or one made of Plexiglas. This idea can be definitely applied for the round tables in order to avoid accidents.