Sunflower theme for your wedding 2

Last time we’ve been mentioning about the sunflower motif in a wedding and this time we decided to continue this topic, because this subject seems really interesting to us and we’re sure that you consider it in the same manner. Also, let’s mention that this time we’re going to mention about the vivid color in itself and you can be sure that you’re going to like all the things mentioned here.

So, we start with a round bouquet that will definitely catch your interest with all its compounds: it’s made of multiple types of flowers and in warm tones in the same time.

sunflower theme for your wedding 2

It’s made basically of sunflowers that have next to them roses and other flowers in warm red tones. Indeed these are combined in a really nice manner and we hope that you enjoy this bouquet as much as we did. It’s simple and elegant in the same time and that’s the most captivating thing about it.
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How about an entire bouquet made of sunflowers? Well, it sounds great and it is going to seem more and more interesting if these flowers are combined with the bride’s flowers. Make sure that you realize this bouquet in sunflowers that are in different sizes and we’re sure that this will create a nice visual impression. Let’s also mention that the richer the bouquet looks, the more interesting it gets and after all, that’s all you’re looking for, aren’t you?

sunflower theme for your wedding 2 2

We jump from wedding bouquets to flower arrangements made of sunflowers and this is how you can create a really interesting visual impression of the entire table where your guests are standing. Take a big sunflower flower and combine with smaller flowers and plants. To these flowers attach a big green leaf and the visual effect created can’t be compared to any other thing in this world.

sunflower theme for your wedding 2 3

Let’s also mention that you can see here and there some nice and thin plants that will make this arrangement look nice and great looking in the same time. We’re sure that if you place this flower arrangement on a table with white cover, you’re going to end up with a really nice looking salon for the wedding reception.

We end with a really nice looking centerpiece that is made of sunflowers and roses and a lot of green leaves.

sunflower theme for your wedding 2 4

This one is made of lots and lots of flowers and we’re sure that you’re going to find the combination yellow-green and white really nice looking. What color do we recommend for a flower container? Well, we recommend you to apply for a gold vase and you can be sure that you’re going to end up with a really nice looking flower arrangement.