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Cocktail Styles To Serve: Finding Your Signature Drink

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Serving a great cocktail at a wedding is essential. Guests look forward to them and they become a part of the entire experience. From spicy lemonades to classic martinis all the way to delicious mocktails for non-alcohol drinkers and the kiddos, it’s not as easy as you may think to find the right “signature” drink of day. It not only has to fit your couple style and the wedding’s theme, but the bride and groom need to like it too! But, before you start tasting, it’s important to figure out what “style” to serve. Whether you have a modern wedding or a trendy, shabby chic affair, there are certain drinks that will fall under that umbrella. And we’ve narrowed them down to five categories – take a look!


If you’re wedding is shaping up to be a more traditional or modern celebration, you may want to serve up a couple of timeless, classic treats. From smooth vodka martinis with an olive garnish to a gin & tonic, the class and sophistication surrounding these drinks will certainly round out the theme. Of course, a classic mocktail for the kids has to be a Shirley Temple!

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Maybe you’re throwing together a shabby chic, vintage-styled wedding or deciding to say your I do’s under the oak trees, you need a cocktail that tastes delicious, but also has that laid-back, casual style as well. For a more relaxing sip, think about serving up a frozen lemonade & rum or a peach tea & rum combination. Then, for the little ones or those that don’t drink alcohol, a virgin Arnold Palmer is the perfect choice!

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Who doesn’t love a fruity and sweet cocktail? Everyone does! Please the crowd and the bride with a cocktail that not only looks beautiful, but tastes like the best dessert you’ve ever had or tropical vacation you’ve ever been on. Think about serving up a chocolate martini or a white, fruity sangria. A raspberry lemonade can also be intertwined for a girlish, non-alcoholic addition.

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Cosmos, Sex on the Beach and Fuzzy Navels are fun, delicious crowd-pleasers that may not be appropriate for a more “classic” setting, but they are classic in taste. If you’re having a youthful, fun-loving celebration after the big walk down the aisle, try one of these lively drinks to start the night of dancing off right. For the kiddos, make sure you’ve got some mini milkshakes on hand.

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If you’re not satisfied with anything, why not create your own cocktail? Have a taste-testing session at home or with the bartender, and then brainstorm on the names! For example, at my own wedding, we had cocktail served that were modeled after me and my husband’s favorite movie candies. So, we had the “Hot Tamale” and the “Junior Mint!” And then, get creative with a virgin sip as well. From, cotton candy “mocktinis” to dreamsicle shakes, get imaginative with this option too!

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