10 Floral Reception Ceilings That Will Make You Re-think Your Day Of Decor

Bright, popping reds including their stems can really make a beautiful mark on your reception and enhancing the entire experience.

When you envision your wedding reception, what do you see? Do you see draped walls? Do you see an explosion of flowers? Maybe you see an edgy, bare space that’s own walls does the talking an industrial, mysterious way. Whatever the case, it’s important to really think hard about the final theme and vision of your big day.

We love the infusion of unique, personalized decor pieces though. It punches up the couple’s style and makes a more cozy, memorable event for guests to enjoy. And when we started seeing these trendy, floral reception ceilings come to life, we had to learn more. From chic and over-the-top to mild and bohemian, we’re loving all the designs and the versatility!

Pay attention to every nook of your celebration from the corners to the floor. When your loved ones look up, they’ll be wowed by the petals and in awe of your knack for details. And with these 10 floral reception ceilings, you’ll be rethinking the  traditional wedding decor immediately.


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