Meaningful Favors For a Quaint Fall Wedding

When considering a seasonal themed wedding, you have to think hard to work out the right décor, which includes hanging decorations, lights, flowers, centerpieces, and of course those quaint wedding favors that often double as name cards for the place seating arrangement. The biggest trick, however, is merging your personal taste or style with the seasonal elements, and how to pull off something unique and inspired in a way that doesn’t just repeat the “been-there-done-that” feel. So although we have many heartwarming articles already on fall  wedding themes, here are some ideas for unique wedding favors that pull the whole theme together, or top it off in a memorable way.

Practical and sweet

Go for food items over purely decorative choices, and ones with a long shelf-life. Jams, jellies, and honey have made their way around the fall wedding circuit and are sweet and practical ideas because they are something that preserves well, unlike perhaps those candy-coated almonds. For a new spin on the sweet but practical, try individual bottles of maple syrup! We think this idea is beyond sweet because it is completely practical and everyone will use and enjoy.

Homemade touch

There are very few people in this world that will turn down homemade baked goods. So why not give them something they can appreciate right then and there? Adorable homemade cookies or tiny little loaves of banana bread are sure to be a crowd-pleaser and are definitely in the nature of the season. Just find a way to package them cleverly and you’re all set. These little favors will give your wedding a warm, heartfelt feel, and will display to your guests that you have put in extra effort to show them that their presence is really appreciated on your special day.

Quick note: don’t forget to update your registry

Thinking of gifts for your guests is important, but it’s also worth thinking of your own gifts that you’d like to receive. For the practical bride and groom who value utility over merely cutesy stuff –it’s fine to put useful gifts on the registry for things you that you really need, such as a coffee machine or cutlery and china – provided that this is done in a way that all the guests can contribute. You could even ask for something long-lasting and significant, such as a bigger mattress now that you and your partner will likely be living together. These memory foam options from Amazon are starting to become the go-to mattresses for people who want more comfort in their lives. Reviews for memory foam mattresses have been largely favorable, so it’s worth putting one of these on your registry.

Personalize it

Good for any season, give each favor an individual touch. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending a bundle on getting personally branded favors. What we mean here by personalizing it is personalizing it for each guest. It will take a little more time, but it will be heartily received and deeply appreciated. Instead of generic favors sitting on a table to be taken on the way out, or merely sitting in as a place card, take the time to write something special on the back of each individual place card attached to the favor. This can be anything from a quote, a bible verse if you’re religious, or something sweet and personal that you want to say.

Each guest receiving a slightly different message will tell them that you put a lot of time and thought into this special little thank you to them. That will be more memorable to them than anything generic can ever be, no matter how cute it is.