Examples of Classic Wedding Vows

classic wedding vows
photo credit: rafaelsoares via photopin cc
classic wedding vows
photo credit: rafaelsoares via photopin cc

Wedding vows are meant to be a public declaration of your love for your partner. Due to the meaning and significance of these words, more and more brides and grooms are opting to write their own vows or choose vows that are different from the traditional words you normally recite.

Great wedding vows can make a wedding ceremony and elicit real emotion from your guests. However, great wedding vows also offer deep promises to your future spouse and can truly define what marriage means to you.

This personal touch can go a long way in making your wedding inspiring, meaningful and more memorable. Classic wedding vows make a wedding ceremony more traditional, but great wedding vows can make your ceremony stand out.

Why Choose Nontraditional Wedding Vows?

Traditional wedding vows are thoughtful, but they may fall short in expressing your true feelings of love. By sharing your favorite passages or opting for great wedding vows that are written by others, you have the ability to say what you feel even if you don’t write the words on your own. Nontraditional wedding vows can be hand written by you, but you can also take quotes and words from examples of wedding vows that speak to you and are true to your heart.

Here are some example vows that you can change or modify and make your own:

Our bond is stronger than I ever thought possible and my miracle in life has been in finding you. I dedicate my life to this journey of our love and am aware of the spark and magic that we share. I am committed to making every day with you count and being by your side for every step in this journey.

Another short and sweet example of vows is:

When I was lost, you were always there to guide me and where my life was empty, you have filled the gaps. I promise to always have faith in our love and to honor and respect you for the rest of my days. Our life together is all that I have ever wanted and I can’t wait to grow and experience all that life has to offer with you by my side.

Great wedding vows are loving and heartfelt, which can lead to an emotionally charged ceremony. Your big day should be all about love and a true expression of your feelings.