How to Decorate a Church for a Wedding

decorate church for wedding

If you choose to get married in a church, then the church wedding decorations will probably play an important part in your overall wedding decorations scheme.  However, unless you have the money and freedom to completely remodel the building, you may need to carefully consider how to blend your intended decorations with the existing décor of the church.  Fortunately, most churches have a conservative décor that serves as a nice backdrop for the fresher, more colorful and dramatic decorations of a wedding.

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Before you choose wedding decorations:  

  • Talk with church administrator(s) to find out what, if any, their rules are for wedding decorations.
  • Decide on a budget for the church wedding decorations.
  • If you’ve hired a wedding planner, or are working with a décor specialist or someone else who is helping you with decorations, meet with them at the church to discuss your ideas and priorities, and how they will fit in with your wedding colors or theme.  Setting your decorating priorities will be particularly important if you are working within a tight budget!
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If you are having difficulty deciding on your decorating priorities, think of the church as a giant wedding ring, with the altar as the diamond, and the rest of the church as the setting for that diamond.  The focus of the ceremony will be on you and the rest of the wedding party at the altar, so you can’t go wrong if all or most of your decorations are there.  Any other decorations will be secondary, and the further they are from the altar, the further down the priority list they should be.  This is just one way of prioritizing, of course, but it can help clarify things a bit!

church decorations for wedding


Decorating options:

  • Standing displays – small, medium, large?  How many?  These can get quite elaborate.  Some florists or wedding decorators can even sell or rent large latticework walls or candleholders that can be decorated with flowers or swags of fabric.  You may also be able to rent live potted plants from some florists or greenhouses.
  • Other floral displays can be on the pews, at the church windows, inside or outside the church entrance, or anywhere else you think needs some prettying up.
  • Pew bows or ribbons can be used to decorate pews or other areas.  You may want to have some especially pretty “pew markers” for the front rows of pews that are reserved for your special guests.
  • Choose décor to suit the season – every season of the year can lend a gorgeous touch to your decorations.  Wedding magazines and internet guides usually have great ideas about integrating seasonal colors and plants into weddings.
  • Aisle runners – an aisle runner is a great way to provide more visual focus on you and the wedding party, especially if the church floor is distracting – which it may be if it is elaborately decorated (like mosaic tile) or run-down looking.
  • Or keep it simple!  If your wedding church is already beautiful – say, with elaborate artwork, carved wood, or stained glass windows, for example – your wedding decorations may simply be lost in the visual glory that is the church.  If this is the case, you may be better off by providing some simple accents like a removable monogrammed decal, bows on the pews, or maybe nothing at all!
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Like all other aspects of wedding planning, decorating the church can be an elaborate or a simple affair.  Once you know what is allowed by the church administrators, then what matters most is that it be done in accordance with your taste, personality, and budget.  It’s your wedding!

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  1. Renee

    I am planning a wedding and trying to find a rental place for latticework walls. I can’t find anything hardly and was wondering if you could direct me to some places that would service Maine, with latticework wall rentals? Honestly, I am furstrated and am hoping that you can help me out… 🙂 I can’t find anything!

  2. donna

    Hi Renee – Please try going to our Maine Top Wedding Decorations page and if you cannot find any listings there perhaps navigate over to our page of Maine wedding planners. Asking local professionals like officiants, planners or those types of people/services could be fruitful.

  3. Wedding Guru

    The inside of the church is one of the most important parts of the whole wedding ~ if not the most important. A delicate, light, subtle approach is often required.

  4. Rachel

    The focus of the ceremony will be on you and the rest of the wedding party at the altar, so you can’t go wrong if all or most of your decorations are there. The inside of the church is one of the most important parts of the whole wedding.

  5. Top Wedding Sites

    I think equal focus should be on decorations for the ceremony and the reception. The ceremony IS the wedding, after all.

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