How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Music

wedding reception music

Wedding reception music is open to the atmosphere you want to create. The cocktail hour, when the guests arrive, has gentle background music. Then the wedding party is introduced with a song, and then a different song introduces the bride and groom. Each event during the reception – cake cutting, garter toss bouquet toss – should have a special song to be played.

The first dance is reserved for the bride and groom, and this music is “their” song (first dance wedding song). There are also father daughter first dance songs, a wedding song for mother and son (mother and groom), both sets of parents (with the bride and groom dancing with their new in-laws before reuniting) and even step parents and the wedding party song. The last dance, like the first, belongs to the bride and groom alone. The music is usually the one used for the first dance, but a last dance song of the night may be chosen.

Your music makes your moments. Work with your wedding musicians or DJ to create the effect – and the memories – you want to have forever.

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wedding reception music

introduction wedding songs

The Introduction: When the bridal party arrives and is introduced.


first dance songs

The First Dance: Wedding Songs for the bride and groom’s first dance.

country wedding songs

Country Wedding Music Favorites: Try it – you’ll love it!

wedding reception music

father/daughter songs

Father Daughter Wedding Songs: Music for the dance with father of the bride and his daughter.


wedding party songs

Wedding Party Dance Songs: Music for the bridal party and their escorts.

mother son wedding songs

Mother Son Dance Songs: Dance music for the mother of the groom and her son


mother bride songs

Mother/Bride Songs: Music for a special dance or tribute to the relationship between the mother of the bride and the bride.


father groom songs

Father/Groom Songs: Music for a special tribute to the relationship between the groom and his father.

step parent wedding songs

Step Parents’ Songs: Special music for step parents and blended families.


garter toss songs

Garter Toss – Garter Removal Music: Songs to accompany the groom while he flings his bride’s garter to all the single men at the reception or when he removes the garter from the bride.


cake cutting songs

Cake Cutting Music: Songs to play during the wedding cake cutting and while the bride and groom feed each othe their first piece of wedding cake.


anniversary songs

Anniversary Songs for All Married Couples: Music to celebrate all of the married couples having an anniversary or for wedding vow renewal ceremonies.