wedding reception music

Wedding reception music is open to the atmosphere you want to create. The cocktail hour, when the guests arrive, has gentle background music. Then the wedding party is introduced with a song, and then a different song introduces the bride and groom. Each event during the reception – cake cutting, garter toss bouquet toss – should …

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The Bridal Party Introduction There are no hard and fast rules to follow when choosing a song for the bridal party entrance, but some songs are more popular than others. Don’t forget that the announcement of your bridal party can set the tone for your whole reception. Whether it’s fun and festive or formal and orderly, …

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50 Awesome Recessional Songs

Once the ceremony and cocktail hour are over, it’s time to really get the party started. Make it memorable and fun with a dramatic grand entrance to the reception! Your emcee for the night will be announcing the family, the bridal party and the newlyweds with music covering each of these VIPs. Choose songs that …

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wedding music ideas

Simple: DJs are live humans beings that create and match the energy and mood of the crowd- iPods do not know what is happening and cannot adapt. If you want your wedding to have life and excitement: hire a DJ. If you are just looking for background/ambient music, maybe an iPod is fine.

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