Wedding Planning – Fourth Step – The Date

Slowly but surely we have made it to the fourth step of the wedding planning. So far, you have been thinking and envisioned the ideal wedding ceremony, you have made plans for the perfect location and you have learned new and useful things about the wedding budget. Today, we are going to deepen into the subject concerning the ideal wedding date.
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This is a point that will give you a lot to think of. Anyway, after you will announce your engagement, everyone will want to know which is: the exact day that the two of you will tie the knot. Well, the wedding date is not only about numbers. In fact, it is connected to all the other wedding elements: the location, the budget, the season, the wedding guests, and so on.

Wedding Planning - Fourth Step - The DateCredit
Wedding Planning - Fourth Step - The Date

Since we have approached the matters concerning the location and the budget, let’s talk about the wedding season, now. The most popular season for weddings is obviously the summer. The temperature is: adorable, the outfit may be more comfortable, and so on. Besides the temperature, there is another thing that makes summer a popular season. People like to be free, they don’t like their options to be enclosed by certain limits, and therefore they choose to have a summer wedding. To be more precise, another thing why summer weddings are: favorite among wedding couples is due to the fact that these ceremonies offer them various options.

For instance: if you have always desired a beach wedding, it is clearly that you can have it only in the summer. Or, let’s say that you want to be surrounded by colorful and fresh flowers, while you will be walking down the aisle. In the summer it is possible to do so, without paying a lot of money on artificial flowers.

On the other hand, if you believe that summer weddings are unbearable because of the hot atmosphere, then you will prefer the opposite of this style, i.e. a winter wedding ceremony. Actually, setting the wedding date in this cold season is a great thing, too. The white background is charming, and besides the costs will be less pricey. However, settle a date that won’t interact with the holiday season, otherwise you won’t have many guests. Or, you may plan something like this if this is your big dream, because after all one has to make sure that all his / her whishes will come true. Not to mention, that the less guests you will have the less money you will spend.

Wedding Planning - Fourth Step - The DateCredit
Wedding Planning - Fourth Step - The Date

A spring wedding is really a nice ceremony. However, from the three months of this season, April is the best month to get married in: it is less unpredictable, it has wonderful flowers and besides that it is perfect to celebrate your everlasting love. You may want to avoid March and May, because the former is windy and chilly, while the latter is defined by heat and uncomfortable states.

Autumn weddings are charming, mainly because they display beautiful colors: especially golden and copper. Also, this is a nice time to get married in, because they bring a cooler weather and also because the restaurants or the honeymoon destination are less crowded. Thus, opt for an autumn wedding ceremony, in order to have a stress free event.

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Wedding Planning - Fourth Step - The Date

As you can see, from the budget point of view, it is better to avoid a summer wedding. However, when you set the wedding date it is important to pick the season that you love the most. In this way you will succeed in planning the ideal wedding ceremony. In case you want to learn more about this important process here is a useful website that will help you sort this thing.

We have mentioned at a certain point that you will have to take into account the time when your wedding guests will be available, too. It is important to do so, because you desire to celebrate this event with all your friends. If you remember, we have also mentioned that weddings near the holidays are to be avoided, because usually your friends would like to spend this time with their families. But, if you want something small, only with your best friends and the most important relatives, then a wedding in this time of the year is convenient for you.

However, when thinking about the wedding date, you must take into account which is the best day, too. Although Saturdays are the most popular days for weddings, they have certain disadvantages. Especially because they are so fashionable, you will have to compete with the other couples, for wedding vendors and venues. Anyway, keep in mind that a Saturday wedding is more convenient for your guests, while for you could get quite pricey. In case, it will be hard for you to get married in this particular day, you should take into consideration Fridays or Sundays, too.

Besides that, there are other couples who have the exact wedding date in mind, the minute the proposal has been accepted. We are referring to those couples who want to get married in the day of their anniversary. This is a cute thing, but as you can see there are many things to think about before deciding on a particular date. Anyway, this is not something impossible to do and if you are determined to have something like this, then we definitely encourage your decision.

But, in the end this is something that the two of you must decide. Thus, have some conversations, consult your agenda, try to find the best offers and then come up with the wedding date. The next step that you will have to take concerns your wedding invitations, but this is something that we will deal with next time.