5 Wedding Centrepiece Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Wedding table centrepieces are integral to your reception decoration. They can turn an awfully bare table into a masterpiece and tie the whole room together.

Important considerations for a wedding centrepiece include table size and available space, your wedding budget, and your wedding’s theme and colour palettes.

Here are five of our favourite wedding centrepiece ideas that will impress your guests and look gorgeous.

Floral Centrepieces

A floral centrepiece is a traditional and colourful option. When designing a floral centrepiece, make sure to check that the flowers you choose are available.

Choose colours to match the colour palette you’ve selected for your wedding. At the very least the colour of your flowers shouldn’t clash with your colour palette. You can also choose the same kind of flowers that feature in your bridal bouquet or choose a completely different array of flowers.

Place your flowers in vases or buy pot plants from your local nursery. Jazz up the vases or pots with ribbon, paper, or some spray paint.

For a simple bouquet in a vase, arrange the flowers from the middle out, and then use some waterproof tape to hold the arrangement together. For a more structured arrangement, use some floral foam and poke the stems into it. Floral foam allows you to place the flowers in a less traditional container, like a bowl or a basket.

Practice arranging the flowers and experiment a little to find what looks beautiful. A big, beautiful floral centrepiece will prevent a large table from looking bare.

Fruit Centrepieces
Fruit centrepieces are a fresh idea. They are perfect for a summery wedding. You can even match the fruit to your wedding colour palette.

Does your bouquet have yellow and white roses? Use lemons in crisp white bowls as your fruit centrepiece. Are your bridesmaids’ dresses a deep red? Use red grapes in your centrepiece.

Hanging Centrepieces
A wedding table setting can take up a lot of space when done right. If you have evaluated your table space and discovered you might not be able to fit a centrepiece, you do have other options.

Hanging centrepieces have seen a rise in popularity, especially seeing as more people are having wedding receptions in barns where beams can be used to have cascading floral centrepieces above long, narrow tables.

Wreathes and garlands can also be hung above a table and threaded with fairy lights. Tie string to individual flower stems and hang them from a ceiling.

Candle and Light Centrepieces
Fairy lights are beautiful additions to reception décor. Lay a hessian table runner down the centre of a table with a garland of fairy lights and green foliage for a twinkling, rustic centrepiece.

Candles can be incorporated into any centrepiece you choose, but you can use candles as the main attraction.

Find coloured candles that suit you colour palette or spray paint candle holders and couple them with simple white candles.

Collect some green wine bottles and use them as candle holders. Alternatively, take some vases and fill them with water and petals and add a floating candle.

There are many ways to use light in your centrepiece. As well as adding atmosphere, it even serves a functional purpose.

Minimalist Centrepieces
Minimalist centrepieces are another great option for those trying to save space for a proper table setting. A simple glass bottle with a single flower is both gorgeous and space-saving.

Scatter rose petals down the centre of a table, save some jars and use them as vases or go to a thrift store and look for some mismatched vases, candle holders and arrange two or three together.

There are many things you can do to create an amazing centrepiece. Experiment with different flowers and materials and see what works best for you.