5 Adventure-Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas


Your bachelorette party is coming up, and your and your bridesmaids are still stuck for ideas. You don’t want to go out and rack up fortune in bar bills only to have massive hangovers the next day, nor do you feel like patronizing the male dancer section of the local strip club.

Fear not, as there are plenty of adventure-themed party/weekend ideas that stray from the beaten bachelorette path to provide all of you with memories that will last a lifetime. Try any of the options below, or use them to inspire your own ideas!

Hiking In A National Park

Plan a hiking weekend in a national park that is (hopefully) not too far from you and yours. The National Party System is full of wondrous, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping parks and monuments just waiting to be explored. If you live in the southwest, for example, why not visit any of Utah’s Mighty Five?

Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Arches National Parks are so unbelievably beautiful you may weep. Canyonlands and Arches are both located in the quaint town of Moab, and Bryce and Zion are relatively close to one another.

Try taking a selfie in the North Window at Arches or hiking down into Bryce after learning about the fascinating origin legend. Whether you hike one of the Mighty Five or any other national park within this beautiful country, be sure to bring lots of water. You don’t want anyone passing out from dehydration – a fun bachelorette party weekend that is not.


Horseback Riding

Dude ranches and the like routinely offer horseback riding adventures, some of which stretch for days and include a whole lot of camping. “Rough it” with your girls as much as you want, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Horseback riding is the four-legged alternative to hiking that offers views of just as many breathtaking landscapes. Simply remember to tell the ranch that you have never ridden before (if applicable) so you are put on the most gentle horses and learn a few things before you ride.

And don’t worry about your horse suddenly taking off – first of all, horses are pack animals and prefer to be with other horses. Second of all, they are so used to following each other on trails they have done a 1,000 times you really don’t have to worry about much.



A weekend at the ski lodge that includes plenty of powder time? Why not if you and your crew are all about this favorite wintertime sport? Depending on where you go, you may get to pick from other adventure options as well, such as dogsledding or – gulp – ice picking.

Many ski resorts also offer tubing for those who would rather fling themselves down a mountainside on an inner tube instead of being attached to skis or snowboards. If yours is a winter or spring wedding, consider hitting the slopes with your favorite females.

Road Trippin’

What better way to spend one of your last weekends/weeks as a single girl than to plan a fabulous road trip with your ladies? Whether you are going across the state, across a few states, or across the country, there are endless ways to fill your days, from weird landmarks to national historic sites to state and local parks to famous eateries and beyond.

A road trip is one heck of a bonding experience, so why not pick one that ends at Cannon Beach in Portland, OR or starts at Rocky Mountain National Park?


Extreme Sports

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to go skydiving or have had a desire to try base or bungee jumping. Whether these or any other extreme sports appeal to you, you and your bridal party are in for an adrenaline-pumping weekend. Depending on where you live, you may be able to rent race cars and speed around a first-class track for a few hours.


You could also opt for water-themed sports such as parasailing or water skiing. If you and your girls are REALLY into the extreme sport thang, look into underwater hockey (What’s this now?) or volcano surfing (Oh my!).

Just be sure everyone is on board and doesn’t feel pressured into doing something they find terrifying. Or at least make sure she doesn’t mind having a few drinks at the bar while everyone else surfs down an active volcano.

Are bachelorette ideas brewing? We sure hope so. Have fun and be safe!