These 5 Items You MUST Buy For Your Bridesmaids!

5 Items you Must buy For Your Bridesmaids

Don’t be afraid to shower your bridesmaids with a bit of extra love on your big day. Don’t go with cheap, favor-like gifts but instead, try to invest in a piece of jewelry or a designer piece they’ll keep around for years to come. But besides the usual “thank you” token, there are some other items you may need to make sure your ladies in waiting have when the day of arrives.

A piece of the ensemble: from jewelry to cardigans or even a hair accessory or two, you could surprise your gals with a piece of the day they can wear now and later.


Square CZ Pendant Necklace from CC

Disposable Cameras: Pass these babies around and have your bridesmaids snap shots throughout the night. These candids will be the most sought after of memories.


Fujifilm Quicksand Flash 400 Single-Use Camera from Amazon

Candy or Snacks: Provide your gals with snacks that will put a spike in their blood sugar. It’s not unusual for all the ladies to go without a bite and this will be ready for each and every one of them when they need a pick-me-up.


Wild West Pop from Dylan’s Candy Bar

Extra Band-Aids: Provide your ladies with some extra boxes of Band-Aids. Make them neutral, make them fun, either way be prepared for accidents and blisters!


Oh Joy! Adhesive Bandages from Target

Bottled Water: Keep those girls hydrated. Just like candies or snacks to keep your bridesmaids on their toys, make sure they have a drink of something nice when and if they need it.


Fiji Natural Artesian Water from Walmart