7 useful rules before the bridal day

A woman as the future bride will suffer some transformations in this “process” of wedding planning or organizing the wedding. Sometimes she will be too stressed with this activity and she will forget about some issues that are really important and get on another “road”, which isn’t quite helpful neither for her or her wedding (which will be delayed in being organized).
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The wedding registry is important, of course, but you should not get too excited about it

When we say “excited”, we refer to the fact that you have to omit focusing only on what you want to receive in your wedding day and of course, make comparisons between a kooky household gadget and an instrument that you are most likely to buy yourself. So, stop being too focused on the wedding registry and be more relaxed and maybe make up your mind finally on what color you want the wedding flower arrangements to be made in.

And speaking about the wedding stationery, take your time in writing the “thank you” cards for the gifts

So, like in the case of staring to all the wedding gifts you have to receive from your guests, the situation is rather similar, because you have to take your free time and write lots of thank you notes, accordingly to the number of guests that have responded positively to your wedding invitation. Don’t let this hard task in 2 days before the wedding, believe us, there are other important things that you need to do and which concern wedding planning.

7 useful rules before the bridal dayCredit
7 useful rules before the bridal day

Don’t lie to yourself concerning your own weight

Of course, it’s your bridal day; you want to look at your best and this means wearing an appropriate wedding gown. And when we say appropriate, we refer to the fact that you should pick it accordingly to your own measurements, not to apply for a wedding dress that you “think” would suit you and in fact the reality isn’t quite pleasant.

There’s always the idea of adopting a particular diet. Well, it is not hard to do it, you know? As long as you know it will have effects on your body. This does not mean that you will be able to wear a wedding dress that is two times slimmer than your actual size, be realistic!

Don’t let the people around get you down

It must have happened to you: you’ve met with a close person of yours, an acquaintance and you begun sharing your bridal day experience with her (let’s say she’s a lady, because women usually create such “trouble” in paradise) and she seemed as if she wasn’t interested of it, and on top of all, she seemed to discourage you and say that this is just an ordinary day in your lifetime, that you shouldn’t make such a fuss around it. All these being said, let’s add that you have to keep in mind the fact that women tend to be jealous and in the same time, they can ruin your joy and enthusiasm. Don’t worry, because everything will end up just the way you wished it to be.

Stay chill: it’s just the bachelor party

Now, he is going to his bachelor party, don’t start staring at the clock from 10 to 10 minutes wondering just when he is going to come home. Don’t forget that this is part of the wedding planning things and that it is absolutely normal for him to have some fun, don’t forget that it is his last party as a married man and you should have a similar party as well. You did hear about the bachelorette party, didn’t you?

The wedding guests expect some photos from your wedding photo album….

Now that there are so many ways in which you can share your wedding photos with your guests, we think that it won’t be a problem in sharing these. So, a good idea would be to upload them on your personal blog or whatever site you have and announce the wedding guests about their existence. In this way, they will observe themselves in the wedding photo album as well and maybe download the pictures. Of course, you can make the album private and in this way there will be no strangers to intrude your personal assets.

The wedding reception dinner

In fact, we’re speaking about that rehearsal that you make before the bridal day, in order that everything ends up as you planned. This means that you will be next to your father in law or mother in law and what happens if you cannot stand them? Well, you have to behave at your best and take everything with a pinch of salt.