Colored outfits for the wedding day

Many of you have considered placing the two matrimony ceremonies in different days and for this reason you must consider to wear different outfits, although it means some extra expenses! For the festivity at City Hall we recommend some colored pieces of clothing for both of you, so let`s start, as usual, by describing them….


The first outfit takes as basic colors purple and gray! The groom has a nice suit made in gray nuance and the tie has to be necessarily purple! The bride`s dress is purple entirely and it`s made with nice embroideries from organza and polyester material! She can wear a pair of sandals in Greek model and in silvery nuance! The chromatic effect created is simply dazzling and with these two outfits you highlight the fact that you`re meant for each other!
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The next suggestion is represented by a red dress made of elastic velvet for her and a pair of high heeled sandals in black color and with marbles on them! The groom wears an elegant suit in black color with a purple tie and a white elegant shirt! We all know how great does red and black match and you`ll be convinced by this model!

The next two pieces consist of a spicy pink dress for her and a shiny black suit for him! The dress has some nice crystal embroideries on it and the suit for the groom is made of wool and silk and it is worn with a white and elegant shirt with a black bow tie! Place a deep red rose in the front pocket of the groom`s jacket and you`ll look together really fine and sexy! Oh, and with that nice dress try to wear a pair of black high heeled sandals and you`re ready to get married!


Black and white remains in top in wedding outfits also! She has a black and white dress with different patterns on the material and he wears a black suit with an elegant white shirt and a black tie! The dress is rather short and you can apply a golden ribbon around the waist and accessorize it with a pair of golden high heeled sandals!

Pink and black go also really nice! She has a stretched pink dress without sleeves and a black ribbon placed under the breasts and silvery high heeled sandals! He wears a black suit with a pink elegant shirt and a black tie!

We return with the combination of red and black! She has a nicely cleavage dress and he wears a elegant suit in black color with a violet elegant shirt and a black tie! She has to wear that red dress with a pair of silver high heeled sandals and they`re ready to get married!


Another suggestion regards for a yellow with green dress for her! The dress has nice floral patterns and some crystal embroideries; it is made of lace and silk! She should wear this dress with a pair of golden high heeled sandals. The groom wears a beige suit with an ivory elegant shirt and a red tie!