Silver tones in the wedding day

Silver is in the range of colors that is appropriate to be worn at a wedding gown being in a light tone. In addition, that particular glitter confers an air of luminosity and glam to the entire outfit. Pay attention, silver is a tone that looks very nice if you use it with measure – using it in addition can confer you a tone of kitsch.

If you like silver and you want to use it in your wedding then it’s very good. You can use it in several combinations in such a manner that it looks perfect on you. You can try silver jewelry, to different accessories in silver tone that are going to make you shine – literally.

silver tones in the wedding day

Who said that silver isn’t fashionable? It’s worn among brides; you can apply for a silver set made of necklace, earrings and bracelet, which is really elegant and it makes you look gorgeous. It’s a precious metal that is not going to be considered unfashionable ever. What can be greater than a silver ring with a precious stone?
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In what concerns the accessories, first of all think of the shoes. A pair of silver shoes is perfectly suitable to a bridal gown. In addition, think that such a pair of shoes is a long term investment, because you’re going to be able to wear them in the case of special occasions when you have an evening gown.

silver tones in the wedding day 2

If you can’t succeed in finding on the market a pair of silver shoes – even if they’re not hard to find at all – you can opt for some application added to the shoes in a silver tone, like a discrete bow, a flower made of semiprecious fabric and so on. Do it in this way so that the idea of silver is completed.

It’s not hard at all to find a purse in a silvery tone. It’s very chic and elegant in the same time. Also, like in the case of the shoes think that you’re going to be able to wear it in special occasions. A chic bag and a pair of shoes in the same tone is more than you could ever wish for – in the sense that it’s enough.

silver tones in the wedding day 3

You have to be careful because silver is a very powerful nuance and if you use it in an exaggerate manner you risk spoiling the entire gown; used in a normal way you’re going to be able to offer a charming look to your entire gown.

Indeed, silver in the wedding day sounds pretty nice and you can be certain that you’re not going to fail with it if you use it as we mentioned.