Colors and ideas for the bridal day

Are you looking for the perfect matches for the wedding day? Now we’re speaking from the point of view of the colors. As long as you pick the appropriate colors and tones, in this way you are able to pick the appropriate elements and details. The colors that you choose are so important whenever we’re speaking about the wedding photo album and the general atmosphere of your wedding reception and not only….
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If you feel comfortable with the pick that you have made for the colors in the wedding reception, then we are sure that you will not encounter problems when it comes to combining the details and the other stuff.

We have some inspiration points for you and we think that you will find these pretty useful whenever it comes to a gorgeous looking wedding.

Now summer is just some steps away from us and there are lots of people who have decided to make their wedding during this great season. Colors like turquoise with pink will always have a gorgeous visual effect and you can use these at the level of every tiny detail of the ceremony.

For instance, it would really be a great idea to design the bridesmaid and flower girls dresses in turquoise as to match the freshness of your wedding, which can have the marine theme as main.

There’s also the case of the bridal wedding gown, which can have all around the waistline a blue and shiny area as to delimit your superior area from the skirt and make you look thinner.

Colors and ideas for the bridal dayCredit
Colors and ideas for the bridal day

The wedding cake has to look elegant, but really playful in the same time and turquoise combined with pink is sure going to create this stunning visual effect we were mentioning about. Design the wedding cake in turquoise and add here and there a tone of pink, in order to ensure an interesting contrast.

As for the wedding favors, these can consist of bottles with corks on top and filled with the proper gift that you want to share with your wedding guests. Another idea is to make the wedding invitations in the same colors or with the same motif used on the wedding favors, but this takes serious thinking and you have to know in due time for what color combination to apply for.

Thinking about warm tones, but in the same time really playful? Well, think of blending gold, with orange, turquoise and pink! These will definitely bring an interesting air to your wedding day or wedding reception.

The wedding flower arrangements can be easily made in such tones, because there are a multitude of flowers that you can find in these colors. Also, let’s add that the wedding cake can be made in a really playful manner, consisting of cupcakes, all designed in different colors, especially the ones just mentioned.

As for the wedding invitations, they can also be made with ease in these tones. Of course, the main thing is to decide in due time (like in the other case) on the palette chosen for the big day. The deserts and foods seem really easy to be made in these colors: think of the sweets or the foods that have at the basis salmon or vegetables.

Colors and ideas for the bridal dayCredit
Colors and ideas for the bridal day

Besides picking the colors for the bridal day, we also think that it would be an easier task to decide on a wedding theme – the elements and details are easier to choose and to pick. For instance, we were thinking that the colors that we have just suggested in those two different cases are really appropriate for being used in a summer wedding theme or in the case of the fist one a marine wedding theme. A spring wedding theme sounds also really nice of course and with the opportunities that this season offers you can successfully an interesting wedding reception.

The colors that you pick have to also be reflected in the clothing of the characters involved in the wedding. For instance, an accessory of the groom or the best man can be made in one of the colors that you have chosen to use in the bridal day. Also, the bridesmaid dresses and the dress for the flower girl as well as for the mother can be designed in one of the tones that you have picked for the wedding reception and so, create an interesting visual harmony.

These being said, be sure to focus only on the tones that you find to be the most suitable for the wedding day and on top of all, you have to make sure that they are complementary and go great together!