Outfits that can be changed with the wedding dress

Wearing all day long the wedding dress can be a very uncomfortable thing! The beautiful these dresses are, the more inconvenient are to wear, because you may feel tight in them or any other things! Let’s see some dresses that you can wear at your party and still are suitable and much more comfortable then the wedding dress is!

You can change your wedding dress with a cocktail one, maybe in a black color and a shiny fabric! Black suits everybody and certainly you’ll create a wonderful contrast with the white nuance of the dress! Let’s describe a little bit the dress: floral embroideries, not too very long, not too short, a decent cleavage and medium sleeves! Accessorize this dress with some big earrings and nice shoes, high-heeled and uncovered in the front (the fingers)!

outfits that can be changed with the wedding dress

A wonderful dress that is worth to be switched with the wedding dress is represented by a deep cleavage dress, short until the knees and the starting from the hips fine plissés that make you look like a doll! This piece of clothing is made out of taffeta and silk and guarantees the success next to the wedding dress! You can accessorize this piece of clothing with a pearl necklace and a pair of silver high heeled shoes, you’ll look great and precious in the same time!

Another great model is represented by a silk brown dress, with a nice cleavage and a plisse down side! You can accessorize this wonderful dress with a pair of red high heeled shoes and fine earrings, which can be noticed very little!

outfits that can be changed with the wedding dress 2

We go back to black and see also a nice model with medium sleeves, kind of short, it’s over the knees! This outfit is especially designed to highlight the beautiful shapes of the woman, it’s straight and sexy in all it simplicity! You can accessorize this dress with a pair of high heeled shoes with precious accessories on them, maybe in a silvery nuance and also a pair of big earrings with silver motifs!

Another nice model of black dress is this one: a skirt made of satin plus a tulle corsage with nice embroideries of lace placed manually! It’s long until the base of the leg, but the nice high heeled shoes can be clearly admired! Mae sure you maintain a straight position and highlight this dress’ beauty! Let’s not forget about the pair of chandelier earrings to highlight the beauty of this piece of clothing!

outfits that can be changed with the wedding dress 3

The last suggestion regards a brown dress with deep cleavage and embroideries on the bust area! The dress is made out of jersey and can be worn with a scarf or a wonderful pearl necklace! As long as you wear the pearl necklace, make sure you suit it with a pair of pearl earrings and place a pair of red high heeled shoes, because they suit the brown color of the outfit!
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As you can see, you can be elegant in that special day even in a cocktail dress! It’s important that the wedding dress and the cocktail one suit in even a small detail and the transition won’t be that outrageous!