Accessories for the wedding day

You want a fairytale wedding and you plan it up to the tiniest detail, you want everything to be unique and keep in your heart and in pictures the most interesting memories. If you want the accessories that you wear in your wedding day to be between the prettiest ones, we would like to share some suggestions with you in such a manner that you fall in love with one of the sets that we’re going to share here.

Here’s the first set we want you to take into account and which looks gorgeous in the same time. This one consists of a necklace, a bracelet, a hairpin, earrings and a ring. Of course, you can choose only some of the details shared here because sometimes less is better. These are made of silver fabric and they have sparkling stones of them. They are combined together in such an interesting manner as to create the perfect accessories for you.

accessories for the wedding day

The earrings consists in a chain, a silver chain with glittery stones on them and they help your gorgeous features get mild. The hairpin is interesting as well, it has a flower detail above and all of these indeed cope into realizing a gorgeous visual effect.
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In case you considered the last set as being with too many details on, then we would like to continue with sharing another interesting set, which we’re not sure how you’re going to find….

So, there’s this necklace that is realized with the help of a ribbon and it has a medallion made of pearls in gold tone and with other ones that are semi transparent. These create an interesting looking flower that hangs on the chest in a gorgeous manner. The earrings are conceived in the same manner as the medallion observed on the necklace and the bracelet consists of multiple layers of pearls that are placed together and in a gorgeous way.

accessories for the wedding day 2

If you’re a person that is into flowers then the next set is going to suit you just fine. This one has multiple flower details on it that look really interesting in the same time. So, there’s the hairpin with a flower detail above and the next element consist of a necklace with silver fabric on it and flower details as well. The earrings consist only of a flower detail and the earring and bracelet as well….

accessories for the wedding day 3

We hope that you enjoy reading about all the examples shared here and that in the end you’re going to end up with the appropriate accessories for your bridal dress.