Pink wedding ideas

Pink is a delightful color to choose for the bridal day, even if we are speaking about a wedding that takes place during the summer season or if it is one that happens in another moment of the year. The best way for ending up with a successful combination is to know some basic things: the colors with which this color goes well and choosing the things that seem the most appropriate for your own style. These being said let us share with you some of the most interesting ideas that function at the level of a pink wedding.

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Pink wedding ideas

You have to know, first of all, what colors go great with pink: red, black, white, yellow, brown, blue, purple, green and orange. These are the best combinations that you can realize with pink and we are sure that you ought to like the visual effect that is created in the same time.
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Another important thing to add is that men avoid this tone for their wedding day, because they consider it too sassy. Of course, if you apply for pink, it means that the groom should wear some pink details on him as well. The only thing that we want to say is that they should not consider such prejudices, because we consider a man wearing pink really modern and courageous and it is a big plus for him!

Pink can be exploited in so many fields in your wedding reception that you just cannot imagine…. You can apply it in the ceremony décor and this can be realized with the help of several flowers, as well as different other motifs and details, which are not so hard to find.

The wedding flower arrangements can also be made in pink be sure of that! So, we were thinking that you can choose flowers that have different variations of pink and combine them with all kinds of green plants or even with blue, purple and white flowers – and so, create an outstanding visual effect.

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Pink wedding ideas

The bridal bouquet can be made in pink tones as well and the flowers for the bridesmaids…. Like in the case mentioned previously, there can be made a lot of courageous and interesting combinations, which we are sure you are going to love pretty much.

The wedding reception décor can involve also pink wedding flower arrangements, as well as table stationeries, a faded pink tone for the table cloth and the list can continue. How about some silver tableware details that are placed on a shiny silk napkin? Doesn’t this combination seem outstanding to you? It should, because it will create a gorgeous visual effect!

We were mentioning something about the wedding stationery…. Well, you can create so many interesting details in pink that you just cannot imagine! Starting from the plain cardboard stationeries that are realized in pink as basis color combined with the other colors that we have just mentioned about in the start and ending with vegetables or small boxes that can have a pink detail on them. As you can see, there is a big range of possibilities that you can take into account.

As for the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, we were thinking that it would be an amazing idea to try combining the colors that were mentioned as ideal with pink (one of them of course) and applying for modern models of dresses. This is something really interesting and you can bet that the girls are going to be suitable dressed for your wedding theme.

When it comes to the wedding cakes, we sincerely think that there are so many details that can be applied to your sweet piece that you just cannot imagine. First of all, there is the option in which you can realize the wedding cake entirely in pink and with details in complementary colors or there can be an option in which you apply for one of the colors, like for example brown and adorn the wedding cake with pink flowers or other details.

Should we add what pink elements would be appropriate to be used for a wedding cake in one of the complementary tones that were mentioned firstly? Well, you can take into consideration artificial ribbons, flowers, dots, origami details, lines, geometrical shapes, bows, fruits and the list can continue….

Pay attention, though, not to make your wedding reception and wedding ceremony too pink, because you can end up with a really spicy event, and your guests are going to be forced to cover their eyes, due to the strength of the color.
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Decide whether you want a bright pink color or one that is more fade, because you do not want to ruin the bridal day!

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