Vintage wedding – bride’s accessories, testimonies, invitations

Some days ago there was a subject regarding the vintage wedding dress, a vintage wedding gown, vintage accessories and make-up and that`s how step, by step you can organize your own vintage wedding! Here are some hints regarding on how you can organize such a wedding with the appropriate elements and the appropriate attitude! Here we go, so fasten your seat-belts!


Let`s start with an accessory that the bride can wear in this day: a necklace made out of knitted material, here and there some small pearls and in the middle of the knitted surface… a medallion! This necklace can be in an ivory color or a golden one! It will certainly look great on you and will confer clearly a vintage image for you!
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Another suggestion regards a metallic bracelet, which can have many things on it: white, silvery or colored marbles, keys, plastic buttons, metallic elements (letters shapes)! It may sound chaotic but you can`t imagine just how nice it looks on the hand and how does it change the entire outfit! It`s just too glamorous to be true!


Do you remember those old hairpins that had a certain detail at their end? Well. They`re clearly vintage and it`s a pity not to wear such accessories on your wedding day if you really want a vintage ceremony!

What can be nicer than some testimonies made out of knitted material with roses on top and to look exactly like muffins?! Certainly you didn`t think at such an idea, and it`s time to start now! These testimonies will certainly impress your guests and it`s a thing they will certainly keep as a memory from your wedding day!


Another variant of testimony is the real thing! Meaning the muffins with an ivory aspect and maybe you can place a flower to make it look precious! Try placing the muffin on a “vessel” made out of tiny little marbles that unite circularly! And we`re not finished with the field of testimonies, because this feature seems vast! What can be nicer than a corsage or bust made out of soap or porcelain? Place it in a transparent plastic box and tie a ribbon! Tempting idea, isn`t it?

We`ve finished with the testimony field and let`s continue with the invitations! How do vintage invitations look like? Well, simple! That`s the answer: the more simple the invitations are made, the vintage they look! Make some invitations with a newspaper look a like writing and they can be in your favorite colors! Another variant is to make an invitation that imitates the tapestry pattern, with different floral motifs, in black and white with a writing that imitates the handwriting! Brown can be also a nice color for a wedding invitation with a vintage picture on it, also using the motif with the handwriting!


Here are some examples of the bride`s accessories, testimonies and invitations that suit perfectly to a vintage wedding ceremony! As you can see the vintage field is very vast and there are many elements that complete such an event!