Table numbering in wedding receptions

Nowadays, in a wedding reception every tiny detail ought to be taken into account and you have to pick it with extreme attention, even when we’re speaking about the wedding table stationeries. You do not have to see this activity or pick as a stressful thing to do – look at it as it really is: FUN! The wedding stationeries are not only useful for placing the guests at the tables, but for them knowing for sure that this is their place.
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Consider the wedding stationeries an essential element from the eyes of the guests! Leaving the chit chat behind, here are some suggestions that might seem useful for picking your wedding stationery in a fun manner and maybe adapting it to your wedding theme.

table numbering in wedding receptionsCredit
Table numbering in wedding receptions

Instead of the dull wedding table stationeries placed on the tables in the wedding reception, which were usually made of paper or cardboard and placed on a metallic stick, we have some other neat suggestions that are really full of imagination in the same time:

Stick normal numbers on books

It does not matter if the books are old or new, if they are full of dust or not. Take as many books as the number of guests and start placing these on the tables of your wedding reception. This is not the only “procedure”; the next one consists in numbers stick on the cover, but put these in such a manner as not to ruin the cover.

This kind of method recalls us of vintage ideas and to it, we were also thinking to add the idea of silver objects that have attached to them shiny numbers – also designed as not to ruin the quality of the things, you might need them in other occasions, you know?!

The solution with numbering the bottles

Here’s a cheap and really playful idea if you ask us – taking glass bottles and placing numbers on them. Also, make sure that these are clean and well taken care of, because you do not want the tables to look not that neat. You can even play with this idea that we have offered you, place colored numbers on the surface of the bottles and another great suggestion is to fill the bottles with flowers, making them function as vases.

Take a small blackboard and place it next to each table

There’s also this other neat solution that necessitates a small blackboard that can have a plastic margin with interesting details and “lace” applications on it. On each one of these blackboard take a chalk and write the name of the guests or their numbers. You can even draw the table if you are talented enough. In order to create a playful aspect, we recommend you to use colored chalk or even paint or even write a funny message on the board or ask them to write a nice thought on the blackboard as well.

The wooden wedding stationeries

In case you were thinking it would be nice to take into account a rustic wedding theme and the wedding reception salon permits you to do so, then this means to be the right solution for you. Place flowers in pots and use these as wedding flower arrangements as well, by placing them in the middle side of the tables. Also, you can steal the idea of the wedding stationeries consisting in glass bottles and add colored numbers on these pots as well ( all around, because there is only one placed on the table). Such an idea can turn out to be a great fit for a rustic wedding theme.

table numbering in wedding receptionsCredit
Table numbering in wedding receptions

Then there’s also the situation in which you can apply for stylized wooden numbers as wedding table stationeries – these are made of wood, fine cut and for an extra interesting effect we were thinking that you can paint them. Stylize the wooden pieces in the shape of your numbers and color them with matte paint, in dusty tones, which are naturally integrated on the flower décor.

Traditionalist ideas with cardboard wedding stationeries

We mentioned in the beginning of this topic about the wedding stationeries that are made in a traditional manner, meaning of paper of cardboard. These, can turn to be sometimes, much more expensive than the ones that we mentioned about previously. If you want a particular model or some drawings on these, you can turn out to pay more for them.

In other words, sometimes the kookiest ideas will turn out to be cheaper than the ones you think are cheaper! Also, you end up winning twice: you have a neat idea suggested at the wedding and in the same time you spend a smaller amount of money.