Handy tricks for the wedding reception and not only

When it comes to planning the wedding and ending up with a nice event, you have to think of every little detail in such a manner as to end up with a compound event that makes the difference and can be considered unique by your wedding guests.
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Here are some useful tips and ideas that will turn out to be indeed a good starting point for the bridal day and for all your wedding planning points.

First of all, make sure you establish every little detail with the wedding vendors and all the suppliers in the bridal day. These issues involve the means of transportation for the ceremony at the town hall, the church and the wedding reception spot. Also, make sure that they have some back up plans in case something happens. Think how disastrous your wedding reception will end up if there isn’t a security system for the electricity, for example.

handy tricks for the wedding reception and not onlyCredit
Handy tricks for the wedding reception and not only

In order to be sure that you are going to capture all the wedding guests in the wedding photo album and also for making them a surprise, you can acquire a photo camera that can be used only in that day and you can place it on each table. Attach to this camera a ribbon with a text in which you thank them for coming and you ask them to take photos of all the people sitting at the table and in the end, the cameras should be placed on the main table in which you and the groom and your family are going to stand. In this manner, after getting out the pictures, every guest will be captured in your wedding photo album and you can make a copy and send it via post or email.

If you speak with a catering agency that is full service or a firm that has multiple professionals employed, make sure that you keep in mind the following aspects: the images or the references that are presented to you represent the person that you speak with for the wedding and the name of the person who will be present at the wedding should be clearly mentioned in the contract, and mentioning some penalties if that particular person doesn’t appear. In this manner, you will avoid the situations in which a person pretends to be a professional and you can be stuck with one who is at the beginning and doesn’t know essential things when it comes to wedding planning.

Now, there’s the matter of the wedding songs that need to be mentioned and you know that there are some particular tunes that are danced in group and which would definitely be a pity if you don’t play at the grand event. Between these songs we mention the Limbo song, Meneaito and La Cucaracha. These are playful songs which permit your wedding guests to have lots of fun and move freely, enjoying themselves like they never did before.

If it’s possible try to pick a restaurant that offers you also a room especially. You can change there with ease, instead of going home or in the honeymoon dressed in those gowns that seemed to create itches at some level of the wedding reception and let us not also omit that you are going to be pretty tired.

Don’t forget to ask for the rest of the candles to be sent to your household or the wedding flower arrangements. You can keep them for other occasions – this is in the case in which the arrangements and centerpieces are designed of silk.

Between the most popular wedding favors is offering a chocolate candy that is wrapped in tulle! Such a delicious sweet is not going to be refused by the wedding guests and you also end up with a good bargain, because these are not going to be that expensive.

The wedding flower arrangements that are used in the ceremony in front of the priest or that at the city hall can be easily “transformed” and reused at the level of the wedding reception. We have heard so many couples who have applied for such tricks and they ended up being really successful with their pick.

The last indication that we want to share with you refers to the timing! You should let at least five hours free time between the religious ceremony and the wedding reception. This is for having enough time for the makeup, hairstyle and all the business that is left to be done!