Red for wedding receptions

The most daring color that you can apply for at the wedding reception and in the wedding day is, from our perspective, red. Of course, besides pink, because pink would be indeed daring, especially for those grooms who consider it as the perfect one to describe women.

Red can be considered a difficult color to apply for in the big day, due to its strong visual effect. As long as you know with what colors to combine it, we think that there will be no problems encountered for the eyes of the attendants and not only!

Certainly, it’s kind of difficult to realize a red wedding, but from our perspective it can be considered an interesting task, due to the fact that it’s complicated and you have to work kind of hard. Of course, if you work hard, the results will also be pleasing, don’t you think so?
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Before offering you some tips that concern the red wedding elements in which you can play, let’s recommend some color combinations with red, shall we? First of all, you have to know that red goes nicely with: white, purple, brown, black, white, yellow, blue, pink, green and orange.

1. The wedding cakes

Sincerely, the most common combination for wedding cakes in general is white and red – if we’re speaking about red as the basic color. Not only are you able to apply for different styles for the wedding cake, but in the same time, you can use your imagination and create a sweet piece that the wedding guests will enjoy with pleasure.

So, as the most common combination for wedding cakes that have at the basis red is that with white, you can apply for a white background for your sweet cake or a red one. The most common pick is definitely white for the wedding cake and you can apply for red flower applications all around it, or different shapes or interesting shapes.

Red wedding cakesCredit
Red wedding cakes

In case this combination seems to dull, then you clearly can apply for black, silver or green applications here and there, in order to confer the wedding cake a special look – different from what we have mentioned up to this moment.

2. The wedding reception

Getting back to the wedding details and elements, other than the wedding cake, we consider that there are multiple fields in which you can apply for using red details and elements and in the same time, one can combine this tone with the other ones that were mentioned firstly.

There are a multitude of red flowers that you can take into account and this means combining them with green elements. You have the possibility of making the difference through your wedding flower arrangements in the church, in the wedding reception and at the level of the bridal bouquet.

We were thinking you can apply for filling the trail to the altar with red petals, this will be indeed a nice idea – this, besides the red flower arrangements that were just mentioned.

The chairs and the table can be covered with red wraps of fabric, be it made of satin or silk! This shiny fabric with wood will create an interesting visual effect and one to die for in the same time.

Also, you can choose different pieces of furniture or arrangements that can be made in red – and we’re not referring to flowers!

Red wedding flowersCredit
Red wedding flowers

So, as we just mentioned, you can make the difference, not only through the wedding flowers that you have applied for, but in the same time there are other more details that can be designed in red and they can make the difference – like a table cover, a candle or even the wedding table cards. Of course, when you decide these details make sure that you use the right color combinations.

Red for wedding receptionsCredit
Red for wedding receptions

3. The wedding invitations

Here’s how we leave behind the wedding invitations, elements which are considered primordial in a wedding reception, in a wedding in general…. Why is that? Because with these you start the wedding reception, the proper wedding! As we mentioned in several times and occasions, this is the first contact that you have with your wedding guests and if you pick this color as the basis for your wedding, then keep in mind our combo suggestions, will you?

Red wedding invitationCredit
Red wedding invitation

The most elegant combination that we consider is red with gold! This is a mixture that goes really fine, but applying for others doesn’t mean that you are not elegant, you pick up the model after all, and you are the one deciding the modernity or classic side of the wedding.