Styles for the bridal day

You have already decided to make a wedding that cannot be compared to any others and we’re certain that you might have a general idea in what concerns all the details, but we have to add also the fact that all the elements should blend together in a perfect manner and end up with something that can be considered unique and incomparable to any other that the guests have ever seen before.
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Make sure that the wedding reception and ceremony are out of the ordinary and that are suitable with your personality as well. So, you have decided on a wedding theme and you have coordinated the theme with the rest of the elements, also you shouldn’t omit the wedding accessories that are really important and make your bridal look seem complete. In addition, the appropriate accessories will make the look seem complete and outstanding.

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Style for the bridal day

There are multiple styles for which you can apply for when it comes to being a gorgeous bride and unique in the same time. The main thing is for you to know in which of these themes you encounter yourself and you’ll see that you are going to end up looking stunning.

These being said, let us concentrate on some of the most common styles that a bride can apply for and after we share these with you, we hope you encounter in some of these successfully!

Are you the kind of person who would rather apply for details that are part of the hippie period? Well, use this style when it comes to the wedding accessories as well and you’ll see that you’re not going to regret it!

Such a bride would probably consider an eco wedding, with all kinds of details that are meant to save nature and the surrounding environment. Wouldn’t you want to apply for some indie details when it comes to your look and look stunning in the same time? Well, we find it rather simple: take into account a lightweight bridal gown that is made of soft fabric and with spaghetti straps to which you can add a tiara that is made of thin threads, to which you can attach a big flower detail.

There are lots of stars and celebrities who have applied or set this trend and for looking in this particular way, you need to apply for opulent and powerful accessories. The handmade pieces of jewelry seem to us the right accessories to apply for when it comes to the wedding accessories for a bride in this style: a big bracelet or a necklace made of wood with colored elements! Instead of the classic purse made in the envelope style, apply for one that is made of coconut and a pair of colored flip flops in your legs.

Are you more into the retro details and elements? This style tends to get more and more popular in the latest period, the only thing remaining is to add the appropriate details to it. If your love story recalls you of an old movie, your style is totally going to make you look as if you’re ripped out of the TV and we totally push you to take into account this option for the bridal day. Match the tea length bridal gown with a small veil that you can attach to the hairstyle with the help of an oversized bow.

A short pearl necklace will make the ones surrounding you think of Coco Chanel’s elegance and the earrings are going to make the outfit complete. In order to make this theme complete, the dots seem to us the right solution. We recommend you to wear a classic envelope purse that is oversized and all will be totally suitable. In the case in which you want to add a little bit of shine to a simple gown made of satin, a camee brooch seems to be the right detail for you.

Our last suggestion of style for the bridal day consists of some rock influences that can be added in the outfit that you have. So, it’s true that when you think of rock, there are lots of hard things that come into your head, as well as heavy metal and so on, but this doesn’t mean that the bride isn’t going to look fabulous in such a style.

We recommend a bridal gown that consists of a skirt that has multiple layers of veil and attached to a short leather jacket and a pair of sneakers – all these together look ideal with a hairstyle that is all about volume and a hairpin attached with stones and retro inspiration!