Colored wedding arrangements and details

Nowadays colors seem to be the starting point for brides and grooms in organizing their wedding and not only: colors inspire people, they also confer a special vibe and they can change the imagery of a place totally, as long as they’re combined in an appropriate manner.Colors are important at the level of the wedding décor and not only, as you are going to observe in the following lines. All these being said, we would like to share some helping hands that are going to be useful for wedding decorations and not only!
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The wedding flowers and the wedding décor

No matter on which colors you seem to make your mind on, you are going to be able to find flowers in the same tones. This does not mean that you will find the flowers immediately and that they are going to be cheap. If the flowers of your dream are not a good option, then use white and neuter flowers, next to other pieces of décor in the wanted nuance.

wedding flowersSource
Wedding flowers

The wedding cake

The wedding cake seems the easiest element to color in a wedding, the options being really flexible. Its tone has to reflect the style of the entire event, if the background of the wedding cake is white, then it would be ideal to add sugar flowers, straps or even dots. The exterior can be done in various colors; it’s only a matter of choice.

Wedding CakeSource
Wedding Cake

The wedding favors

The wedding favors can also be colored and it’s important to offer the guests a small token of appreciation that means something, rather than one that is just suitable with the wedding color tones. It would be a really nice idea, though, to match the color of the wrapping of the wedding favor with that of the event. Use cards and bows for integrating the wedding favors in the color scheme. If these are going to be left on the table, think how they are going to look next to the entire décor of the room.

colored wedding favorsSource
Colored wedding favors

The wedding invitations

We end, in fact, with the elements that we should have started this review with: the wedding invitations. These are the details that offer the tone of your party and announce the guests what they should expect to see. So, it’s the right moment of using your creativity.

wedding invitationsSource
Wedding invitation

It’s easy to coordinate the colors of the wedding invitations with the rest of the event, through the nuance of the font, the bows in which it’s wrapped in, or the monogram.