Wedding reception ideas to make the difference

Groom? Check!

Your perfect wedding gowns? Check!

The wedding cake? Check!

The wedding orchestra or DJ? Check!

The attendants? Check!
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Maybe you have set up all the important issues in the wedding reception, but every now and then it’s important to make something that is really memorable. For instance, think of a moment or a detail, which you would have liked to see in a wedding ceremony and by this, be sure that the event will remain as a pleasant memory in the mind of the collective memory.

Children – if you decide to invite them in your wedding – ought to have their special role as well

wedding reception ideas to make the differenceCredit
Wedding reception ideas to make the difference

So, in the case in which you have decided to invite couples with their children in the big day, we think that it would really be a great idea to maintain them occupied – especially if you get them involved in different activities. What does this mean? It means that during the wedding reception they can be involved in different tasks and things to do – in this way you prevent disasters and they will be happy souls!

How can you keep the children occupied?

A solution would be to sit them next to the parents and they will be attentively observed! Also, you can create a special room in the wedding reception salon and make them stand there, maybe hire an observer, so that accidents are prevented. They can be entertained easily with the help of a TV with lots of cartoons, or they can have a multitude toys to play with, in the same time you can hire a clown or a special entertainer for making them happy and keep them busy, isn’t that right?

The bar is an essential element in the wedding reception

Like it or not, the bar is going to maintain your attendants interested in your wedding reception and if it’s arranged down to the tiniest detail and you ensure good beverages to your wedding guests, then we don’t see why you shouldn’t pay extra attention to it.

The guests spend a big part of the time during the wedding reception next to the bar and this is why we consider that it would be an interesting idea to adorn the wedding reception area with the bar or simply have a bar that makes the difference.

How can you do it?

For starters, you can serve all your guests some appetizers when they go to the bar and we suggest some foods that isn’t that common encountered in wedding receptions, or you have went to one and it totally surprised you when you were asked to consume it.

Sincerely we were thinking of fancy specialties like ice cubes that have in them a fruit or a watermelon slice placed in vodka. Ask for a special recipe for a cocktail and serve it in the wedding reception maybe with the list of ingredients next to it – if the wedding guests have liked it, maybe they will like to consume it at home as well.

Another interesting idea that your guests can take into account and they never seen before: the bar adorned with different details and great looking elements. Beautifying the bar with different adornments and flowers does not seem a bad idea. Also, you can ask the person engaged in the wedding decorations if they can add a special air to your bar with the help of bamboo pieces or different sculptures made of wood.

wedding reception ideas to make the differenceCredit
Wedding reception ideas to make the difference

The next detail that you might have taken into account: the guest book

This is an element that isn’t likely to be found in many wedding receptions, it depends on how “deep” does the couple tends to be. All the idea is that the guests and the attendants in your wedding reception should sign themselves, as a print that they have attended your bridal day.

Of course, if there is a large number of people to attend the wedding day, then a notebook and a pen won’t do the job entirely. You need to make this part attractive and not a “must do” thing. Our most useful advice would be to use your creativity and make this part of signing the guest book like a funny thing to do or even full of emotions.

How can you make this look more interesting?

The trick can be in taking some snapshots with the help of a Polaroid camera, which means taking pictures instantly and stick the photos of you and your guests on a huge cardboard piece or a billboard that is made of fabric or plastic – not kitsch looking, of course – and assure that next to these pictures your guests will add their ideas and good thoughts!