Tips and tricks for the embellishment of your wedding decor

The wedding flower arrangements and the decorative elements seem to be the most important items in the wedding décor of your reception and ceremony. It’s only a matter of choice of how to combine the elements and colors and only in this way, you’ll see, that the final visual effect is going to be outstanding or not. Don’t forget that all of these elements will be a part of your wedding photo album and next to your bridal gown they will make the difference.
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You need to take into account several aspects when it comes to the wedding flower decorations and we suggest you start taking notes from this moment on, if you are in the situation of wedding planning your own wedding. Of course, consider these pieces of advice and suggestions in the case in which you didn’t already take into account the tips or helping hand of a wedding planner.

wedding decor tipsCredit
Wedding decor tips

Starting with the wedding color scheme

Pick one or two colors as basis and they will be used in the wedding reception and wedding ceremony as well. In the case in which you only decide to use a single color, consider the problem solved: starting from this particular color you have chosen, make different variations of tones and combinations.

If you didn’t understand our idea, then here’s an example to be more explicit: start from this color and add black in it or white or mix it with a slight quantity of another color. Red seems to us the most appropriate example to take into account in this moment: playing with this color is really a simple task, apply for orange or different tones of red, which can be darker or lighter. As long as you take into account our suggestions we think that you cannot fail with what you are doing.

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Wedding decor tips

The other problem that you can consider when we’re speaking about wedding planning is related to the dimension of the space in which the wedding reception takes place. So, if it is too small, then the wedding flower arrangements and the pieces of décor that one takes into account need to be made as well in small dimension and in small quantities.

The wedding theme seems to us essential in developing the story of the wedding reception. Start from a primary color or a main element that you consider to be important/ useful in your wedding reception and step by step you will have organized an interesting event, which cannot be compared to any other. Apply for specific elements and details and the wedding theme is always useful (from our perspective), because it helps you more.

The time and date should be taken into consideration in the wedding decorations and not only. If you are during the summer, then you can add fruits in the wedding flower arrangements, if the wedding takes place during the winter, then we think it would be a great idea to apply for snowflakes added on the table and so on….